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Scaling a Coaching Business

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Anyone who’s familiar with coaching and consulting businesses will know that one of the most common problems is that of scale.  We all want to earn a good living, and there are only so many hours in the day. If you fill the hours you have available, the only way to increase your income is to then increase available hours...

Who Am I to Help Them?

The thought of embarking on a business coaching career can cause a crisis of confidence in even the most seasoned business professionals. What if you don’t understand what a client’s business actually does? What if your client is older and more experienced than you? Maybe you’ve never run a business before. Maybe your experience is great in some areas and...

Falling in Love with your Business Again

With the upcoming Valentine’s Day holiday, it’s the perfect time to look at the relationships in your life and be thankful for the positive influences in your life. If you’re a business owner, that should include examining the relationship between you and your business. As President of The Growth Coach, I want to ask you some tough, but potentially revealing,...

Don’t GAMBLE with Your Business

Starting a new year is always about new beginnings and starting fresh, but it’s been a few weeks now, so are you sticking to those resolutions? Because if you’re not planning ahead, building a business on strategy and just reacting to the changes your business faces, then you are gambling with your business. Don’t sit back and HOPE that things...