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Business coaching is growing by $200M a year. Be part of it.
The Growth Coach is the Pioneer in Group Coaching
Help business leaders meet challenges with our unique coaching model.
Break into Coaching without Breaking the Bank
Becoming a Growth Coach is an affordable way to enter this massive market.
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The Growth Coach Business Coaching Franchise

Join the leading business coaching franchise

There’s a good reason Entrepreneur magazine ranked The Growth Coach as the #1 Business Coaching Franchise: we’ve helped thousands of business owners thrive for more than two decades. The Growth Coach is a unique coaching business that leverages the power of affordable group coaching mixed with high-power, one-on-one business coaching to help businesses create breakthroughs.

Our franchisees build enviable businesses through mentoring local businesses. With over 28 million small businesses in the U.S., business coaching is a booming $11 billion industry. The Growth Coach is an attractive career for experienced executives, prior business owners and individuals from other walks of life who have the proven leadership skills needed to help the thousands of small business owners work on their businesses instead of in their businesses. Owning a business coaching franchise can be rewarding on many levels.

Unlike most business coaching franchises that focus on projects and individual coaching, we’ve built a proven model of group coaching that allows you to build an enviable business and leverage your time so you can reach more clients in a standard workweek. Our systems generate strong results for our clients and open the door to a wide range of additional project work, sales coaching and management consulting. If you’ve had a successful career and are ready to share your experience with others, owning a Growth Coach franchise could be the most rewarding chapter of your career.

Becoming a part of The Growth Coach is an affordable and attainable goal for professionals from businesses and industries at all levels.

"The Growth Coach is a proven company with a proven system that supports business owners in growing and network of people there to support you in the journey, so you don't have to do it alone."

Joe Brenneman, The Growth Coach Franchise Owner

Cost and Fees

Joining The Growth Coach franchise is a remarkably affordable proposition. Here is a brief look at the requirements to become a Growth Coach owner.

  • Franchise Fee: $39,900
  • Total Investment: $54,000 to $75,900
  • Business Type: Franchise
  • Financing Assistance: Outside financing available
  • Training and Support: Yes

Domestic and International Opportunities Available

The Growth Coach has franchisees throughout the U.S. and in over 15 additional countries. We’re growing and are actively recruiting globally.

Reasons To Join The Growth Coach

Most Affordable 

The Growth Coach is the most affordable coaching franchise to own and launch, with an initial investment starting at just $54,000

Huge Market Demand

28 million businesses need your help to thrive in a competitive world

The Winner's Circle

Earn your franchise fee back through our franchise fee reimbursement program.

$1000 Marketing Bonus

Receive a $1000 sign on marketing bonus to help launch your new business. 

2 in 1 Business Model

The Growth Coach is a 2 in 1 business model offering business and sales coaching

Exclusive Territories

With exclusive and protected territories, The Growth Coach will never compete with other franchise owners. 

What Our Franchisees Have To Say

“Training for me was an incredible experience, forcing me to take off my armor and become vulnerable in a safe place meant to cultivate confidence and growth. I walked away feeling good about the direction of my new business, and most of all supported by not only my other trainees, but the company itself.”

-Katie Gilkey, Growth Coach
in Central Kansas

“The week of training in Cincinnati exceeded all of my expectations. It was packed full of useful information and tips. It prepared me for success. The training team really rolled up their sleeves and got to work beside us on preparing for a successful launch. I loved my group of fellow franchisees in our training week. We bonded together and learned together. And we are continuing that journey back in our hometowns.”

-Joe Brenneman, Growth Coach
in Orange County, CA

“One Team – One Fight’ After last week’s training and the five week prep work, I feel that working with the Growth Coach Team we are a ‘One Team- One Fight’ organization. One team is self-explanatory, the one fight- overcoming any obstacle that is preventing us to reach our goals!”

-Richard Schnitker, Growth Coach
in Upper Marlboro, MD