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For those who are tired of working for a large corporate entity but still want to remain in the business world, The Growth Coach franchise offers a uniquely rewarding and supportive investment opportunity. Join over 50 franchisees finding success in over 100 active markets.

    Why These Franchisees Bought Into The Growth Coach

    • Invaluable Brand Impact For The Business

      Tim Shepelak , Cincinnati, OH

      The business-coaching industry is an outstanding segment of entrepreneurship to be involved in for many reasons, including an increasing need for professional development. The Growth Coach can impact its Coaches by enhancing key results and performance abilities while uniquely reaching clientele at a behavioral level, making it a rewarding business to be involved in. This particular brand positively impacts the franchisees, and in turn, their clients, making it a full-circle reward for the entrepreneurial world.

    • There’s A Proven System to Guide You

      Joe Brenneman, Orange County, CA

      The Growth Coach operates on a proven system so franchisees can avoid getting off-track. The established Growth Coach system has proven processes in place to allow new owners to focus on their goals while relying on the Growth Coach’s corporate support to help with the rest. This system is set up to support the Coaches like Joe Brenneman themselves, so that they can focus on and prioritize other business owners in their endeavors. Rather than leaving structure up to guesswork, the Coaches can move forward with their clientele in a cohesive and efficient manner.

    • The Growth Coach Welcoming Culture

      Kurt Treu, Cleveland, OH

      The guidance and services that The Growth Coach provides is all about continued improvement. The drive to not only meet goals as a business owner, but to serve as a guide for other businesspeople, never ends. That drive for success within The Growth Coach culture is what lead Kurt Treu to begin his business ownership journey helping others. Treu’s rewarding journey goes full-circle, in turn helping other business owners to grow in their communities.

    • It’s Time To Be In Business For Yourself

      Rick Franzo, Poconos, PA

      The proven strategic process is established, and The Growth Coach is the pathway to success for Coaches like Rick Franzo. This business model is a simple solution for both The Growth Coach business owner, and for their clientele. Franzo has taken advantage of this opportunity to be in business for himself, while helping others realize this successful entrepreneurial pathway as well.

    • Rewarding Service To Those That You Lead

      Jeff Roberts, NW Arkansas Region

      Jeff Roberts found a way to apply his passion for service and helping others to become his career with his Growth Coach business. The Growth Coach allows Roberts to teach other business owners, in turn, how to serve and support others. Coaches like Roberts have an established brand to support them, while adding in their own expertise and experience to support those who are also looking to grow as small business owners.

    • Rely On Established Roadmapping for Franchisees

      Steve Larson, Sioux Falls, SD

      Whatever their role and mission, Steve Larson helps find the tailor-maid process for his clients to follow their passions both professionally and personally. The Growth Coach has become an outlet for Larson to expand his talents and uniquely connect with other business owners in the industry. Larson, and other Coaches, can rely on the support of their brand as they focus on their practice, so that they can continue to develop with a proven plan in place and franchise support as they evolve.

    Why The Growth Coach

    The Growth Coach was founded in 2003 and is the only pure business and sales coaching franchise aimed at driving success while balancing the lives of small business owners, managers, salespeople, self-employed professionals and executives across a wide spectrum of businesses and industries. The Growth Coach specializes in group workshops and individual coaching with the goal of helping clients gain greater focus and leverage to work less, earn more and enjoy more fulfilling lives. The Growth Coach is active in more than 100 markets and growing, with total investment ranging from $42,000 to $63,900, one of the lowest in the executive coaching segment. This also includes a franchise fee of $27,900.

    Investing in Caring Transitions

    Since starting to franchise, The Growth Coach team has set out to create the most affordable business coaching franchise opportunity in the industry, with the quickest path to profitability.

    The Growth Coach Support

    As a business coaching brand, our support is what separates us from the rest. Whether you’re working with another The Growth Coach owner to improve your conversion rates or generate new leads, or you’re on the phone with our franchise coaches at the home office, you’re benefitting from a support network that understands the business.

    Coaches Coaching Coaches

    Perhaps the biggest advantage The Growth Coach franchisees have is the robust network of fellow coaches that spend their days helping entrepreneurs thrive. A lot of support comes from within the network itself. Our coaches are not on an island. They have opportunities on a weekly basis to participate in webinars and calls with other business-savvy franchisees in different regions.

    In-Depth Marketing Support

    The Growth Coach is a marketing company first and a coaching company second. The marketing support team develops and optimizes your personalized website featuring your unique content and service offerings. The support team develops your social media business pages and provides supplemental posts weekly on the franchise owners’ behalf. If you come to us and ask us to help with special projects, we can do that for you as a franchisee, and you won’t have to pay extra.

    Initial and Ongoing Training

    Incoming franchise owners will attend our Jump Start program, a pre-training process of three to five weeks, where we help franchisees set up the business, receive certifications, and get everything ready. Then, they come to Cincinnati for an intensive training week, showcasing the specifics of how to be a The Growth Coach owner. By the time they leave, they are fully ready to launch the following Monday. Unlike other franchise systems, we don’t charge extra for training. Existing owners can also return to training if they want a refresh.

    The Backing of Strategic Franchising

    The Growth Coach franchisees can leverage the backing of a multi-brand, national parent company in Strategic Franchising Systems. That includes access to not only proven operating, marketing, coaching and technology systems and training but also to a diverse network of other franchisees who can share best practices, as well as cross-brand referrals.

    Available Markets

    Growth Coach has available territories in prime markets around the world and is seeking qualified, passionate franchisee candidates ready to coach clients to success. Contact us today to learn more about owning the right territory in your market.

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