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The Growth Coach Opens Doors to Multi-Billion Dollar Coaching Industry

Businesses of all sizes benefit from our proprietary, group coaching programs, allowing you to grow your business faster than other coaching opportunities

When it comes to growing a business, every business owner, manager and sales professional can benefit from coaching. That’s why IBISWorld identifies business coaching as an $11 billion industry that’s expanding every year.

Too often, however, owners of the 28 million small- and medium-sized businesses in America think coaching is a resource reserved for CEOs of megacorporations. The Growth Coach changes that.

Our business coaching franchise makes the benefits of coaching available to smaller operations through our proprietary coaching system — delivered in a group setting where owners, managers and salespeople meet quarterly to work through our effective management, sales and interpersonal coaching programs. By leveraging the power of a diverse group of leaders, managers and sales associates from an array of industries, The Growth Coach builds the kind of resource that big corporations have relied on for centuries.

“Big business pays a lot of money to assemble a good board of directors,” says Ray Fabik, Brand President for The Growth Coach. The Growth Coach operations across the country provide a similar sounding board for ideas and encouragement when they put their clients into the group coaching format. “If you can get a good, tight The Growth Coach group, it’s really going to do the same thing as building that board of directors.”

That kind of input and support has long-term value to business and sales leaders, and after they’ve worked one program, many choose to stay around and work other programs, such as our sales coaching program or our strategic management programs. That means repeat business, recurring revenue, and the potential for long-term growth.

Since 2011, the business coaching industry has grown at an average rate of 2.6%, according to industry analyst IBISWorld. Most importantly, IBISWorld points out, there is no dominant player in the business coaching industry.

“The industry is at a crossroads right now,” Ray says. “If you talk to someone, they generally won’t know either of coaching or a coaching company. And that’s a pretty exciting place to be. What it really does is open up an opportunity for a major brand, a main player. It’s a great time for The Growth Coach. Being a brand with a strong reputation and background is going to make an impact.”

Bring The Growth Coach to your community today

With the total investment to launch a franchise beginning at just $55,125, The Growth Coach is a low-cost investment opportunity with potential for high returns. The business coaching industry is booming, and The Growth Coach offers a quick ramp-up to allow for a potentially faster return on investment.