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The Growth Coach Franchise ’90 Day Secret’ Charts Course for Success

Step-by-step guide helps you position yourself for your grand opening and beyond

Opening a business can be overwhelming — especially if you lack the resources or guidance necessary to make the right decisions at the right moment. That’s why The Growth Coach franchise has created the 90-Day Secret to Your Success, a personalized, step-by-step strategy to getting you open, up and running as quickly and efficiently as possible.

“With the 90 Day Secret to My Success program, franchise owners and consultants work hand-in-hand to fill out the various steps of the plan,” explains Rick Billips, Brand President for The Growth Coach. “The result is that, the day the new owner leaves training they’re heading home with a clear, concise and easy-to-follow guide to put them on the path to a successful launch in their territory. They work the steps and that helps them get oriented to The Growth Coach systems — without any of the vital steps falling through the cracks.”

Since our founding in 1992, our coaches have helped thousands of small business owners achieve their personal and professional goals. The Growth Coach is an industry-leading business coaching franchise, established in more than 150 markets in the United States and abroad. Our business coaching system eliminates the barriers preventing smaller operations from reaping the benefits of coaching. Our proprietary coaching system is delivered in a group setting where owners, managers and salespeople meet quarterly to work through our effective management, sales and interpersonal coaching programs. The 90-Day Secret to My Success program prepares you to deliver that program. Here’s how.

The plan walks you through the process of opening your Growth Coach franchise

There are dozens, if not hundreds, of steps you have to take to open a new business. From opening a checking account to setting up a web site, each of these activities becomes more challenging if you didn’t know they were just around the corner or weeks away.

“Too often, new business owners find out they’ve done something in the wrong order or aren’t ready to move on because they forgot a step,” Rick explains. “This can lead a franchise owner to waste a lot of time and energy doubling back, repeating steps, or having to wait until something else gets done. The 90-Day Secret to My Success prevents all of this because it’s sequential, organized and easy.”

When the new Growth Coach owner comes to training, they personalize the 90-Day Secret to My Success to their needs, with the guidance of a knowledgeable franchise business consultant to help. Their plan doesn’t stop when they leave training, either.

The Growth Coach franchise provides comprehensive support and encouragement

As you work through the various portions of the 90-Day Secret to My Success, you’ll have regularly scheduled coaching sessions and status calls with your business consultant. They’ll provide you with guidance and advice as you move along the path.

“I looked forward to that call every week, because when we had the call, I’d always get off the phone more energized and with so many ideas about how I could be that much better at what I was doing,” says Stan Krempges, a franchise owner who recently completed his 90-Day Secret. “I was never alone and never had to guess about anything, because it was all right there in my plan.”

As your launch day nears, you’ll begin to see the fruits of your efforts are paying off. Potential clients respond to social media and marketing materials, you plan your first workshop, and you get ready to provide the coaching programs your clients need.

Ready to bring The Growth Coach business coaching franchise to your community?

With the total investment to launch a franchise beginning at just $55,125, The Growth Coach is a low-cost investment opportunity with potential for high returns. The business coaching industry is booming, and The Growth Coach offers a quick ramp-up to allow for a potentially faster return on investment. Apply to become the next Growth Coach today, or download our free Franchise Information Report.