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Owner Katie Gilkey Innovates with The Growth Coach Franchise

How a dental hygienist found her path to business and sales coaching

Katie Gilkey is a busy woman. She’s just a few weeks from offering her first Growth Coach group coaching session, and she’s on her way to meet with a massage therapist and a personal trainer – partners in her innovative “Coming Alive: Achieving your BEST” program.

A former dental hygienist with more than a decade of corporate sales experience, Katie joined The Growth Coach franchise in September, 2016. As she was researching potential clients in her market, she realized there was an even bigger opportunity to transform her business community through a combined approach.

“I knew the old cliché, ‘two heads are better than one,’ and thought, if two were better, three would be better than two,” she says. “So I sat down with a massage therapist and a personal trainer, and we developed this partnership to provide a year-long program that addresses the whole individual.”

“BEST” stands for Business, Exercise and Stress Training, and Katie knew from experience that one of the key components of business is helping individuals reach a good work-life balance and addressing issues in their personal lives. That includes health and wellness, and Katie saw an opportunity to make a splash.

The Growth Coach is an industry-leading business coaching franchise, established in more than 150 markets in the United States and abroad. Our business coaching system eliminates the barriers that prevent smaller operations from gaining the benefits of coaching — our proprietary coaching system is delivered in a group setting where owners, managers and salespeople meet quarterly to work through our effective management, sales and interpersonal coaching programs. Since our founding in 1992, our coaches have helped thousands of small business owners achieve their personal and professional goals. When Katie approached The Growth Coach leadership with her idea, they sprang into action.

“They responded quickly,” she says. “They helped create marketing materials, a brochure, everything I needed to launch the program.”

For Katie, having the support of a corporate partner for such a new franchise owner’s ideas confirmed why she chose The Growth Coach in the first place. She knew how important leadership support is to success.

Katie began her career as a dental hygienist in Hutchinson, KS, population 40,000 and change. While working in that field, she stumbled into a sales position with a company that provided services to nursing homes. The company was impressed enough with Katie to hand her eight facilities to service in their smallest region. During that time, Katie led a significant expansion.

“By the time I left them, in 2016, I had 65 facilities,” Katie says. “So I had grown quite a bit. But during that time, while I was doing all of that, my sales continually were the highest in the company. And we were in 16 states.”

Along the way, the company brass noticed her success – and they tapped her to train salespeople in other states. That eventually led her to pursue coaching, which is when she discovered The Growth Coach Franchise.

“As I was researching options, I knew because of the unique background I had that I didn’t have all the things I needed to start my own business as a coach,” Katie says. “I felt, for me, this franchise opportunity was going to be a great fit. It gave me the pieces I was missing – the materials, 20 years of proven processes, things like that.”

Now, just a few months later, Katie is embarking on her first, year-long Strategic Manager and Sales Mastery workshops – all part of her partnership with a massage therapist, who will help clients address stress, and a fitness trainer to help them get into shape.

For Katie, the biggest differentiator for The Growth Coach is our group coaching method of delivery. When she first read about the programs franchise owners offer, group coaching struck a chord.

“I know for myself and from the training I’ve done in the past that those who train as a group tend to succeed more,” Katie says. “They have that camaraderie and the support they need.”

And for Katie and her success? That’s the camaraderie she’s building with the massage therapist and fitness trainer, a support group she believes will not only help position her Growth Coach territory for long-term success, but also help grow her business faster.

Ready to bring The Growth Coach business coaching franchise to your community?

Work towards your future with The Growth Coach. With a total investment to launch a franchise beginning at just $55,125, you can join Katie and other Growth Coaches. Our business coaching franchise is a low-cost investment opportunity with potential for high returns. The business coaching industry is booming, and The Growth Coach offers a quick ramp-up to allow for a potentially faster return on investment. Apply to become the next Growth Coach today, or download our free Franchise Information Report.