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Transitioning into a Growth Coach

Keep Your Job While Building Your New Business Coaching Career!

A concern many of our current franchisees had before starting their own career as a Growth Coach, was regarding the transition period. More specifically, how were they going to continue to bring in the income necessary to maintain their lifestyle while building their business?

A great question with a great answer: there is no need to leave your current position until you are satisfied that your list of coaching clients will allow you to do so painlessly!

Wait! Don’t I Need to Give This 110%?

In the beginning, the Growth Coach model can be used part-time while you build your book of business. Although this wasn’t designed to be a permanent part-time job, it was designed for individuals, like yourself, who have had extremely successful careers and are looking to transition into the coaching industry.

Scaling is an Integral Part of the Growth Coach System

It’s not your responsibility to manage every little aspect of your new franchise, if that was you wouldn’t be a Growth Coach at all – you would be an executive for your company, with no time to take on clients!
Our system with Growth Coach also allows you to transition smoothly while you build your book of business. During this time, we will assist you by:

  • Building and launching your website
  • Familiarizing you with the Growth Coach System in practice
  • Helping you gain an understanding of Coach-to-Client interactions and relationship dynamics
  • Guiding you in expanding your client base

Be Prepared, and Eager, for the Time to Change Your Primary Identity to that of a Growth Coach

Once your franchise is in place, it can be tempting to attempt to run Growth Coach as a part-time gig. After all, you’re still earning income from your previous position while also satisfying your desire to help others succeed.

But this is a dangerous game!

You didn’t have success in your previous career by giving it less than 100% and the same goes for your long-term success as a Growth Coach. Eventually, you’ll burn out trying to make both succeed and you’ll risk losing both careers by refusing to devote everything to one or the other.

Our Growth Coaches discover the rewards of their new career are exactly what they were looking for, making it easy for them to let go of the past and embrace their new identity and career.

What are you waiting for?

As you see, you’ve got nothing to lose. Our Growth Coach territories are protected; meaning once you select a location for your franchise, you will be the only Growth Coach in that area. Click the button below to request more information so that one of our representatives can contact you personally and answer your questions about your career switch.

Begin the process that will let you build your legacy in the business world today!

The business coaching industry is booming and The Growth Coach offers a quick ramp-up to allow for a potentially faster return on investment. Apply to become the next Growth Coach today!