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Earn Your Entire Franchise Fee Back!

Franchise Fee Reimbursement? Yours for the taking.

  • Earn Your Entire Franchise Fee Back!
  • Multi-Tier, Milestone Approach
  • Strictly Performance-Based; No Jumping Through Hoops!

Perhaps you’ve thought about opening your own coaching model on your own. And, just perhaps, the franchise fee was the biggest reason you’ve been considering going that path. You know that you’ve got the ability to do this. Even if there’s extra work, you might think it’s worth it to save all that money.

But what if you could save that money AND avoid the extra work? You can through The Growth Coach’s Winners’ Circle Program. Our revenue-based program rewards successful Growth Coaches by reimbursing them for their franchise fee in its entirety over the first few years of their business.

As stated above, there are no hoops to jump through. This program is designed to attract business professionals like yourself – the ones who know they have what it takes to succeed. Over the course of the first four years of your business, you will have revenue goals, and you will be cut a check for some of your franchise fee, earning all of it back over the lifetime of the program. Now you can open up your coaching business with all the benefits of our international name, brand, and materials, and regain every single penny you spent for those benefits.

Of course, you see why this works: successful franchisees make successful franchise systems. By attracting top talent, like yourself, by giving away the franchise for a net-zero costs is an investment from our end. We’re betting on you leading the charge and making the Growth Coach system even stronger, and rewarding you for when you succeed. It’s a win-win scenario.

After all, every President and CEO of any franchise would do the same thing (if they thought about it and weren’t resistant to change); it’s a no-brainer to forgo the franchise fee for someone that you knew with 100% certainty would be a leading franchisee for you. We might not be able to see predict the future with 100% accuracy yet, but hindsight is 20/20; we’ve just found a way to correct the past in line based on what we’ve seen.

So, what are you waiting for? Are you ready to start your own business coaching venture with the backing and support of an internationally acclaimed brand? Are you confident enough in your abilities that you believe you could take advantage of our unique offer to earn your franchise fee back completely? Then it’s time you contacted us and let a Franchise Director give you all the details.