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Our Franchise vs. a Traditional Franchise

Once you’ve climbed the corporate ladder you feel it’s time to ditch the executive leadership role and run your own business. You’ve compared business opportunities online, and you’ve decided on franchising. You begin to put a few feelers out there for franchises and start to consider a few familiar restaurant franchises. But wait, do those really offer the lifestyle you want?

Not All Franchise Opportunities Are the Same

Some people believe that one reason smaller, affordable franchises exist is for people who can’t afford the large food-chains. That’s far from the truth! The truth is, many people are drawn to owning a Growth Coach franchise because it offers them the lifestyle they desire and the ability to create a legacy by passing down an entire career of experience to help others.

Don’t Let Your Experience Go to Waste!

While climbing the corporate latter, how many times did you observe your advice being disregarded while the company stumbled into pitfalls that you saw coming a mile away? Perhaps, even after becoming an executive, you may have had a few opportunities that could have been handled better, but you learned and never made the same mistake twice. Why let all of your wisdom and experience go to waste? As a Growth Coach, you’ll have customers wanting to pay you to share your wisdom to help them avoid the same pitfalls and hurdles that you’ve overcome.

Avoid Unnecessary Stress

Let’s face it, the restaurant industry is one of the most stressful industries in the world. In addition to the unnervingly high failure rate of restaurants in America, you must worry about theft, turnover, unqualified employees and managers…the list goes on.

As a Growth Coach, you know your qualifications better than anyone, you don’t have to deal with incompetent employees, turnover, or burglary. Imagine how much better your quality of life could be with fewer business stressors; not only for yourself, but for your loved ones, too.

Find Out More

Intrigued at the prospect of getting all the benefits of a franchise while keeping a much higher quality of life and perpetuating your professional legacy? Reach out and talk with us about the Growth Coach opportunity in more detail.

Our Franchise Directors who will ask you the right type of questions about your goals in life so that you make a wise decision as a new business owner. Don’t make your decision on a franchising model until you’ve done all the necessary research. Contact us today!