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Using Your Military Skills as a Growth Coach

Your Military Teaching Experience

As a military veteran and a successful leader in the business world, whether you realize it or not, you have gained important teaching skills. When you were in the military, you had to help train people on how to operate equipment, learn new methodologies, and help superiors understand the situation and needs you and your team faced.

Your Management Experience

When you joined the business world, you continued your career as a teacher. You had to teach employees about the industry or possible new technology. You had to teach the board or your superiors the challenges your division faced and how your plan would address and tackle those challenges. Between your military and business experience, you literally have decades experience working as an effective teacher!

Applying Your Teaching Experience as a Growth Coach Franchisee

When you become a Growth Coach franchisee, teaching ceases to be a part of your job. It becomes your whole job. First, you’ll be teaching people best business practices. Using your history in the military, you’ll identify personality types and motivations to help your clients get the most out of our lessons.

But it doesn’t stop there. You’ll also be teaching your clients how to become teachers themselves.

As you know from your time as a business leader, your performance was directly affected by your ability to teach both your subordinates and those you reported to. It won’t do any good to teach your clients purely in theory. You’ll have to teach them how to become the leader that you have spent a lifetime becoming so that their businesses can succeed as much as possible.

Like All Good Teachers, You Still Have More to Learn

You have a lifetime of experience as a teacher. Invest in the future generations and future businesses by using your knowledge and skill set as a mentor with the Growth Coach system. It’s not just your experience as a teacher that makes you a great candidate to be a Growth Coach franchisee.

To learn more about how your experience as a veteran can aid you in running your own successful Growth Coach franchise, check out more of our blogs. When you’re ready, contact us and a Franchise Director will walk you through all the information you need to make a sound decision.