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Growth Coach Expands to Texas And Florida

In 2018, business coaching earned a total revenue of $10 billion [1] and steadily growing over the years. Due to the increasing demand of business coaching, we have starting the year off hot by launching three new Growth Coach Franchises in 2019!

Julie Burch Launches the Growth Coach of Greater Austin

Julie Burch has past experiences in her life where she has had to slow down and begin to reevaluate by looking at the whole picture. Right before the Growth Coach, Burch was a registered nurse who spent the last 20 years focusing on pharmaceutical clinical research for a Top 5 Clinical Research Organization. Her journey becoming a Growth Coach started a little over a year ago. She hit a rocky road where she lost her job, her mother fell and broke her back, got divorced and lost 60 pounds from all the stress. She is eager to start making a difference in local businesses in the Greater Austin area.

“I felt like I was floating in a vortex – I had no idea where the bottom was, but I knew I had to be close. Looking back now, I call it my worst-best year because, although it was horrible, I found my path, I reevaluated my life and everything came full circle. I found how resilient I truly was. I knew, moving forward, I only wanted to depend on myself, so I started thinking about opening my own business. When I found The Growth Coach, I saw an opportunity to combine my business experience and my life experience with The Growth Coach’s proven business and sales programs in a way that could make a positive impact on my community,” Burch said. “I’m looking forward to starting this new journey and helping others find their own resilience as they transform their businesses and soar to success.”

For more information about The Growth Coach of Greater Austin, visit

Shaun Gebert Launches Growth Coach of North Texas

Shaun Gebert is an experienced business leader and small business advisor and is excited to start his next chapter as a Growth Coach owner in North Texas.

Shaun Gebert has been a hard worker for his entire life. He grew up in Irving and started working for his dad at age 12. His parents worked hard to run their own business, but they didn’t know how. Gebert remembers hard times when his family didn’t have food or even electricity in the house. He worked many jobs with his dad to help his family. Gebert was the first in his family to go to college, and at times found himself working 2 or 3 jobs to make ends meet. After graduating, he became a staff auditor for CF Accountants & Consultants. He was later recruited by Dal-Tile Corporation to be a Senior Auditor, and through many promotions lead him to the role of senior financial analyst. Right before pursuing a new career as a business owner of the Growth Coach, Gebert spent 5 years as the Head of Finance and Operations at PwC.

“The Growth Coach is unique because it’s heavily focused on mindset. I truly believe that we can often be our own worst enemies. If we can get out of our comfort zones, overcome our fears, and learn to think differently, then we can be the best versions of ourselves,” Gebert said. “I think it’s important to recognize the large amount successful professionals that utilize coaches or mentors as an integral part of their development – like athletes, artists, and even medical professionals – so why not business professionals? Coaching is often about thinking and acting strategically, obtaining guidance and accepting accountability, which is all vital to any successful business.”

For more information about the Growth Coach of North Texas, visit

Adam McLean Launches Growth Coach of Central Florida

After more than two decades in the United States Air Force, McLean is excited to launch his new Growth Coach in Central Florida. McLean graduated from the air force in 1991 where he served as a pilot and a squadron commander. During his journey in the military, he was involved in strategic planning and operational expertise to the highest levels of the military and the federal government. He currently continues to serve as a reservist. McLean is certified in The Strategic Mindset coaching process. He is currently working towards his Ph.D. by conducting research in performance psychology. McLean is excited to start this new business venture to help grow local business owners in his community.

“Coaching unlocks human potential. As a coach, I’m not there to tell someone how to run their business – they are the experts in their own business – but I am there to help them understand the different ways they can improve themselves, their teams and their business through strategic development. Through my experience and my educational research, I’ve had the opportunity to learn what drives human performance and I know that’s a big part of having a successful business. Understanding how we’re hardwired and using that knowledge to our advantage is key to exceeding our goals,” McLean said.

For more information about the Growth Coach of Central Florida, visit