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HR Professional to Business Owner – The Launch of Growth Coach Denver Metro

Jennifer Bilger is excited to bring a passion for helping people into her new business, The Growth Coach Denver Metro. Throughout Bilger’s career in Human Resources, she always focused on helping people. She enjoys being a trusted resource for any challenge that could arise and finding the best solution to take the next steps.

“When I started my career 20 years ago, I had a great boss who saw that I was good with people and put me in a people-facing role, which gave me the opportunity to work with all kinds of people and help them in a variety of ways. I’ve always had a passion for talking to people, figuring out what’s really going on, and then helping them decide what’s next and how to get there,” Bilger said. “When I decided I was ready to work for myself, I knew that was the part of the human resources job I wanted to do full time – finding the issues and focusing on the solutions – and that’s exactly what we do at The Growth Coach.”
Jennifer Bilger, The Growth Coach Owner

Prior to launching The Growth Coach, Bilger spent many years working in Human Resources. Her most recent job was a Human Resources Manager for Charter Communications. She has also worked as a human resource professional for Support Inc., Media Audits International, Hérouz-Devtek and Economy Linen and Towel Inc. She also worked as a DOT Compliance Officer and Safety Manager in the transportation industry. Bilger stays active in the community by volunteering as a workshop facilitator for the University of Denver Alumni Groups Job Club.

Bilger attended Kent State and the University of Akron, obtaining her undergraduate degree in Legal Studies. She later earned a Master’s Certificate in Human Resources from Cornell University.

“I’ve had a storied career and it has given me a unique view of the world, but this has always been my dream. I’m passionate about helping people be more successful and live better lives. When I was in human resources, I often found myself as the person employees would come talk to when they had an issue or an opportunity, even when it was outside of the company. Being a supportive person in HR, people trust you to take care of them and help them make their lives better, even if the next step isn’t within your company. I’m looking forward to combing the skills I’ve built throughout my career and the proven Growth Coach programs to serve this community in a new way. Often, it was helping people realize the answers they already knew to be true, make the right decision for themselves and face the difficult decisions with the support and guidance they needed to make the choices and efficiently find solutions to resolve their issues.”

Bilger is especially excited about the Sales Coaching opportunities in the Denver Metro area. She has first-hand experience seeing much of the challenges and opportunities of the Denver market through her husband, a local business owner and who spent much of his career is focused on sales.

“Sales Coaching is not about teaching sales professionals how to sell, it is about helping them realize their full potential and enhancing the skills they have spent years perfecting. Look at any great sports figure with extraordinary raw talent and skill – they are remarkable and incomparable in their fields. Great quarterbacks, baseball players, tennis stars, Olympians all have one thing in common, a great coach giving guidance, support and enhancing those skills to work with other great team players with exceptional skills. You can be the best in your field but fail to meet your potential without a great coach in the background giving the right encouragement and direction,” Bilger said.

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