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Kelsey Low, Growth Coach of Central California Speaks at Annual TedxFresnoState

After working with the Growth Coach, clients often find their coach is not just a resource for information in business, but rather a mentor and trusted ally in life as well. Growth Coaches might enter the door as consultants and teachers, but they often leave as role models.

For 16 years, both Growth Coaches and Growth Coach Franchise owners alike have garnered a reputation for insight and experience. By assisting members of their respective business communities with a proven system for success while being armed with empathy, life experience, and an innate desire to help people, Growth Coaches the world over have assisted businesses to reach their highest potential.

To the Growth Coach Corporate Team, franchise owners and coaches- regardless of their backgrounds- can run a successful Growth Coach franchise. By offering hands-on training, a proprietary quick-launch program, and cutting edge digital assets, Growth Coach boasts several successful franchisees with a wide variety of experience. However, one constant characteristic of a successful growth coach is a willingness and ability to connect with people.

According to Steve Kwon, President of Development for the Growth Coach, being a successful franchise owner is more about the franchisee’s mindset than their setup. “Having success as a Growth Coach has little to do with the coaches background. We arm our coaches with all the tools, training, and support they will ever need to succeed. The real difference maker is having a passion for people; this means being honest, engaged, and vulnerable. If a Growth Coach is passionate and inspired, the sky is the limit.” The corporate team wants franchisees to form a connection with clients, taking a vested interest in their success, as they believe this sets the stage for long term growth and recurring business for both Growth Coaches and their clients.

There is perhaps no better example of the growth that honesty and vulnerability can provide than Kelsey Low.

A few months ago, Kelsey (a Growth Coach in Fresno, California) was invited to deliver a Ted Talk about – what better- growth!

In her talk, titled “How to Transform Grief into Growth” Kelsey details her journey from moments of sorrow and weakness to moments of great joy and contentment. In the 8 minute speech, she outlines the worst moments in her life and how the manner in which she dealt with the inherent pain greatly affected her overall outlook and approach to life. Like many of us, Kelsey used to avoid her pain. She would play it cool and act strong, never letting herself feel- let alone seem- vulnerable. This would only result in more pain and sorrow and anger down the road. Eventually she learned the only way to move forward was to confront the sadness and confusion that might come with a death in the family, losing a job, etc. and accept it, embrace it, and move forward.

Kelsey’s story is not unique. We have all felt sorrow at one point in our lives. However, her willingness to publicly share vulnerability is not something many people would be brave enough to do. Nonetheless, this openness and connectedness is something shared by many of her fellow Growth Coaches.

When clients feel that their consultant- whether it be an attorney, contractor, or Growth Coach- truly cares about them, it forms a relationship built on trust. When trust is formed they can be honest about their business, their fears, and their hopes. Something that the most successful Growth Coaches have done for 16+ years is share their vulnerabilities in an effort to connect, in an effort to build trust, and they have a vast number of successful clients to show for it.

With a low initial investment, a proprietary training & operating asset network, and superior corporate support, anyone can operate a successful Growth Coach business. But the Growth Coach Franchisee with passion for improvement, a love of people, and a desire to connect, will be the franchisee with the most to show for their efforts.

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