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The Growth Coach Sees 600% Increase in Reach on Social Media

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In the digital era, it’s critical to stay on top of emerging trends and changes in the way consumers make decisions. The Growth Coach franchise is built to recognize and adapt to these changes. For 2019, the marketing team made it their mission to rejuvenate and align the online strategies of all The Growth Coach franchisees, in order to build a larger online presence.

As these programs take fruition, the effects of the updates of the marketing strategy are being analyzed, and the exciting new initiatives have begun to see positive results. Two areas where gains are being made are with a new social media strategy and upgraded website system.

Social engagement is key to a business’ success in our mobile connected world, and for a coach, networking and being effective with social tools such as LinkedIn and Facebook are a key part of that process. Designing a website for search engines can significantly improve how easily websites are found and thus drive more traffic to webpages, plus an optimized website is critical to inform an infinite online network of The Growth Coach’s products and services. Take a look at the new tactics The Growth Coach has implemented this year, and how they are boosting their online presence. 

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Revitalized Social Media Strategy

The Growth Coach has created a new strategy to improve engagements across all owners’ social media accounts. Not only have they updated the frequency of posts, they have also transformed the messaging of the posts, making them more shareable amongst potential clients and their networks.

The Senior Marketing Director of The Growth Coach, Joshua Johns, is very proud of these initiatives as they have already seen exponential growth. “We have changed the tone of our content to be inspirational and motivational to promote more interactions with our posts,” says Johns, “with the full social media support from the marketing team, we’ve seen a 600% increase in total engagements and reach in just the first few days of launching the program. Since the launch, some franchisees of The Growth Coach have seen increases as high as 1,042% in engagement and reach in just 28 days. We are excited to see the impact of these new initiatives have on our franchisees digital success.”

The Growth Coach schedules and posts five days a week for their franchisees, so they don’t have to worry about creating and managing a social media marketing strategy. At the end of each month, franchisees will receive a calendar for the entire next month of posts. Having such a strategy promotes higher engagements and online success. This ensures that coaches can spend more time networking their brand in the community. One thing the marketing team requests is that The Growth Coach owners still post their local events, to build local SEO and awareness of their services.

Examples of Awesome Posts!

To view all posts, check out The Growth Coach Facebook page. 

Enhanced User Experience 

The Growth Coach’s marketing team realizes that social media is just one of the many things to boost online success. That is why they have also launched a new optimized website for all the franchisees. The three major advantages of the new site:

  1. Boost rankings on search engines
  2. Strengthen The Growth Coach and franchise owners online presence
  3. Easy access to information for owners to share with clients

Most people today surf the web on their mobile devices, and it has been found that if a webpage takes more than 6 seconds to load, users will abandon the site. This is not good for business and leads to a loss of credibility on google, thus rankings will suffer. The new Growth Coach website is easily accessible to mobile, tablet and desktop users, a necessity in modern business. Designing a website developed for the user and search engines will drive customers to your site and generate interest of potential clients.

This newly designed site will not only improve search rankings and user experience, but also gives franchise owners a competitive edge and serves as a great way to showcase their business.

Plus, website users spend more time on average on optimized sites, so with this new and improved site, users are more likely to spend more time exploring and learning about The Growth Coach’s products and services.

Click here to check out The Growth Coach’s new website!

Explore the Newly Optimized Website

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Drive Traffic. Drive Engagements. Drive Interest.

The Growth Coach is excited to see the results of this revamped digital strategy. With The Growth Coach’s expert marketing team posting on social media and keeping up-to-date web development, owners will have less to worry about and can focus on developing their business and spending time in coaching sessions. There is already a monumental difference in engagements amongst franchisees social media and it is only expected to go upwards as they continue fine tuning their tactics.

This is not a comprehensive list of the marketing support franchisees receive. To learn more about what the marketing team provides, click here.

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