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Time to Keep Growing

Its situations like what we face as a nation and worldwide that bring everything into focus. For The Growth Coach, this means making sure we do our best to ensure the safety of our staff, our franchise business owners, and our customers. As a result, we have taken the initiative to implement new procedures that prioritize the safety of our team and potential franchise owners on the path to ownership.

We have taken swift action to enable our team to be effective in a remote environment, and have been able to maintain the high level of support and productivity that we always expect from The Growth Coach team and to be able to guide our business coaches through these challenges.

Senior Vice President of Franchising, Steve Kwon, reflected on what he has seen from the team: “I want to give kudos to our entire organization for coming together to transition our face-to-face visit into a customized virtual visit. The safety of candidates is our main concern, that is why we implemented a new and flexible experience to unveil the culture at The Growth Coach. Potential franchisees will meet with the entire team to discuss strategies of The Growth Coach franchise system and showcase our state-of-the-art technology and resources.”

Invest in your Future

Right now is the right time to be enriching yourself with options and information for you and your family’s future. America will soon recover from this situation, similar to how South Korea has mostly returned to work and is seeing life return to normal, that moment will also come for American businesses. This is the right time to investigate if being your own boss is right for you, and if so, be able to launch your business as the economy builds back up.

For those ready to learn more, our team has been working hard to provide virtual experiences that ensure potential owners have the best resources and opportunity to learn about the business, without meeting face-to-face, and being able to go through the path to ownership by communicating remotely. This is an ideal time to conduct research and explore options from home, and allow for you to plan a new path for your family in 2020.

“The safety of candidates is our main concern; that is why we implemented a new and flexible experience to unveil the culture at The Growth Coach.”

For those looking at making a change, The Growth Coach has had to step back and make adjustments for those looking to start a new business this year, in order to properly adjust for the situation. In this case, adjusting plans for business launch and timing for entry into the market.

Ready for Success?

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An Effective Virtual Experience

As mentioned, we are now offering virtual corporate visit experiences, which allow potential owners to interact with The Growth Coach team. Regardless of being virtual, owners will get the chance to take part in strategy sessions with the leadership, operations, and marketing teams.

The virtual visits are an exciting option, and allow potential owners to connect with The Growth Coach team in a flexible and convenient manner.  The team will maximize the time used to make sure it offers a personal experience while making sure that all questions are answered.

The Growth Coach team will always be there to support coaches and their clients.