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Congratulations to Steve Burch For Launching The Growth Coach of Paradise Valley

New Growth Coach owner Steve Burch built his career in the semiconductor industry where he managed and led teams of more than 500 people around the world. His teams focused on creating finance structure, engineering services, problem solving capabilities, sales and operations.

Steve Burch“Working in that kind of business taught me that, every time you roll out a new project, you have to coach people and companies in order to get that project online as efficiently as possible. You need to be able to step back, see the big picture and put all the puzzle pieces into place. When I left the corporate world and opened a company designed to help businesses get funding and working capital, I thought I was out of the coaching business, but it turned out many of my clients needed help getting their business basics in order” Burch said. “As I was thinking about ways to help my clients be more successful, I found The Growth Coach. I’m looking forward to using The Growth Coach’s programs and my unique experience across departments, companies and cultures to make a difference for my clients.”

Throughout Steve’s career, he’s had a talent for matching business needs with business and technical requirements and communicating those needs efficiently across large teams, often around the world. Now Burch is looking forward to putting those skills to work closer to home as the owner of his own new business, The Growth Coach of Paradise Valley.

“Phoenix is the fastest-growing area in the country – it’s a great place to live and we are very business oriented – but there are entrepreneurs and business leaders who need the support of a business coach to be successful in this market and beyond. I’m a natural problem solver and I have the experience to put that talent to work for my clients. As a Growth Coach, I can help my clients improve business performance and efficiency, figure out what their customers need, identify their challenges and then work across their business to create and implement the solutions,” Burch said.

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For more information about how The Growth Coach of Paradise Valley can help you and your business, call (602)418-8858, email or visit