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Why Kurt Treu Loves The Growth Coach

“What attracted me to The Growth Coach was the programming in place, I couldn’t see myself developing my own programs and even if I could, it would have taken too much time. The second was the support structure from being a part of a franchise.” - Kurt Treu

Franchising eliminates the time and risk involved with developing your own products, branding, and operating methods. The Growth Coach operations team has spent the past 17 years developing and researching proven content for franchise owners. When new franchisees join the system, they already have an established business plan in place.

Kurt Treu came from many years in corporate banking, when he began exploring franchise opportunities he had three boxes he wanted to check off:

  • Programs: he didn't want to spend time creating and testing new programs.
  • Support: he wanted a support team, so he didn't feel like he was going into the business alone. 
  • People: he wanted to be working with people he liked and trusted.

The Growth Coach checked all these boxes.

Joining a franchise system gives entrepreneurs the opportunity to become business owners with the support, branding, and business plan to get them started quickly.