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David Yassa Launches The Growth Coach of Portland

“I’ve always believed that sometimes, even when you’re moving very quickly, you need to make time to slow down, step back, and look for opportunities for growth and risks for challenges so you can create a plan to help you move forward even faster. When I was looking into opening my own business, I found that The Growth Coach’s mission and programs were very much in line with my own beliefs and recipes for success. I’m looking forward to using The Growth Coach platform to help business owners and leaders in my community find success and balance.” – David Yassa, the owner of the new Growth Coach franchise in Portland, Oregon.

David launched his Growth Coach franchise back in October 2020 to help local businesses in the Portland Metro Area, Beaverton, Hillsboro, Lake Oswego and the surrounding areas to do just that – step back, evaluate, plan and stay accountable for progress, successes and challenges.

David Yassa, The Growth Coach Owner

Before opening The Growth Coach, David was an active member and leader in the medical device industry. He built, managed and led marketing and sales teams across different countries. He has experience in leading marketing and sales activities, launching and managing products, managing trade-shows, managing strategic accounts, building and sustaining relations with key opinion leaders – including C-Suite executives, and owning and controlling the Profit and Loss statements of different teams in different countries. Throughout his career, David has had a proven track record in sustaining double-digit compound annual growth rate. He is bilingual and has an Executive MBA degree from Hult International Business School, where he graduated with honors.

“My passion has always been to help people learn, grow, succeed and then continue to grow. I’m hungry for that growth, not only for myself, but for my colleagues, employees and the companies I work with. I always believe that my biggest achievement is leading and helping different teams to work effectively and in harmony growing the annual revenues of their companies by multiple folds. I’m looking forward to putting that to work as a Growth Coach,” Yassa said.