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Business Coaching: Why This Growing Industry is More Important than Ever

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The world of work has changed. Regardless of how quickly we are able to rebound after the COVID pandemic or how individual businesses fared financially, team efficiency and leadership are more important than ever. At The Growth Coach, we see these changes as opportunities – both for coaches to work with businesses to change their cultures and for great professionals to enjoy the flexibility and growth opportunities of being a Growth Coach franchisee.

Let’s take a step back. Well before COVID-19, the coaching industry was already growing 6.7 percent annually to become a 15-billion dollar industry worldwide, including $2-billion in the United States alone. With a potential clientele of 28.8-million small- to medium-sized businesses across the country, the opportunity to grow a business as a Growth Coach is vast.

The Growth Coach is different, we don’t just come in, learn about a business, create a suggested improvement plan and leave. Our coaches truly partner with business owners and company leaders to help them explore their business’ own challenges and successes, build improvements, implement those changes and then stay accountable for their progress. We understand that business owners want to own a successful business – and Growth Coaches help them get there.

As a Growth Coach, you can work with business leaders through our Strategic Business Owner program, but you will also be able to work across all facets of business management and leadership development. In this new world of work, you can also help business owners lead and manage a powerhouse virtual team, work to improve company morale and find efficiencies to save money to name a few.

At The Growth Coach, our franchise is developed around the importance of balance and the understanding that small- and medium-sized businesses are the backbone of the American economy. As a Growth Coach, you can build your own business while supporting the business community in your region and helping business owners and company leaders find their passion for business again. It’s not just about opening your own business and putting your business acumen to work – it’s about making a difference in your community.