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Meet the New Growth Coach Duo

When Roberta O’Keith and Cathy Busch met at work, they realized they had a lot in common – while they were from different fields, their passion for training, developing others and business became a common bond. When the COVID-19 pandemic hit, they found themselves both looking to leverage their skills to help other struggling businesses. Now they’re pleased to announce they’ve partnered to launch The Growth Coach of Greater Kansas City.

For Cathy and Roberta, it’s not just about growing businesses. It’s about helping businesses in their community find their way to a bigger, brighter future with a focus on balance and accountability.

“We have some amazing companies and business owners in our area, but as an entrepreneur and business owner, it can be challenging to wear multiple hats in your company and take a step back and think beyond the day-to-day operations. The Growth Coach is unique because we don’t offer a six-week class that promises to fix your problems – that doesn’t work – we partner with you to create lasting change by helping you step back, see the big picture, evaluate the issues, create solutions and stay accountable,” Busch said.

cathy busch and roberta o'keith, growth coach franchise ownership duo

“Whether you’re a business owner that is frustrated and burnt out and have lost your passion for the business you created or a leader looking to build a brighter future that helps you get out of the weeds and into a more strategic role, The Growth Coach can certainly help,” O’Keith said.

Busch’s background is in telecommunications, however, her passion is coaching and developing others. She was a contract trainer – developing course work, leading train the trainer programs, and more – and she led the installation and training team that installed thousands of systems across the United States. She also worked as a real estate agent and broker, where she was in charge of new agent training and coaching.

Before The Growth Coach, O’Keith worked as a customer experience consultant and advisor and helped many mid- to large-size companies, such as General Electric, JE Dunn, DST, Otis Elevators, Florida Power & Light, Mazda, and Grainger (to name a few), design better Customer Experiences, improve sales and marketing programs, develop Voice of the Customer programs and employee engagement initiatives, and implement continuous improvement efforts. O’Keith is a well-known guest speaker for such organizations as Forrester Market Research, Walker Research and Consulting, Direct Marketing Association, Business Marketing Association, Customer Experience Professionals Association and the Association of Customer Contact Professionals. She has served on many global advisory boards and she holds multiple degrees, and certifications, including certifications as a Customer Experience Professional, Professional Business Coach, and Lean Six Sigma Black Belt.

Learn more about this new ownership duo in their full press release.