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The Growth Coach Positions Itself for 2021

The Growth Coach Positions Itself for a Changing Business World in 2021

The Business and Sales Coaching Franchise is Eager to Grow and Provide Big Picture Guidance to Entrepreneurs and Small Business Owners

The Growth Coach, a global business coaching franchise organization, added seven new franchisees in 2020 and is continuing to evolve to meet the changing needs of business owners as the pandemic continues.

The Growth Coach is a unique business training program that mixes affordable group coaching with high-powered one-on-one coaching to help businesses reach their goals!

“2020 was such a stressful time for business owners all over the world,” said Lisa Hudson, President of The Growth Coach. “Business coaching is now more important than ever to help business leaders who may be overwhelmed with the changing marketplace and an uncertain economy.”

Lisa Hudson Brand President The Growth Coach

The Growth Coach stepped up to help its clients adapt to change at the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, earning a special distinction from the International Franchise Association as one of the top eight franchises to open to support businesses and economic recovery.

“We quickly realized we needed to find a way to provide our coaching curriculum safely and effectively,” said Hudson. “We have been able to connect and offer our multiple programs in helping business owners and leaders pivot through the changes in their individual markets on a virtual platform.”

The virtual platform is now a long-term part of the strategy for The Growth Coach as it works to attract knowledgeable and ambitious professionals to join the business coaching team. The goal is to add 20 new franchise locations in 2021.