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The Growth Coach Announces 2020 Award Winners

Growth Coach Awards 2020

The Growth Coach hosted its (Virtual) Franchisee Awards Presentation on Monday, February 22, 2021.  These awards highlighted some of the spectacular performances throughout the Growth Coach network in 2020.

Lisa Hudson, Brand President of The Growth Coach, shared these thoughts on last year’s performance: “While 2020 was filled with unexpected business needs, our Coaches were quick to lean in to help local business owners determine how to pivot, adapt, and move forward in their businesses.  Our 2020 Growth Coach award winners displayed great determination, grit, and empathy in reaching their communities to serve and were rewarded with a year of success in so many components. I am so proud of our award winners and know they will have continued success in 2021.”  

Lisa Hudson Brand President The Growth Coach

Despite the pandemic, 59% of Growth Coach franchisees increased their 2020 annual revenue over 2019.

The Top Three Revenue Producers of 2020 were:

    1.  Keith Peers – The Growth Coach of Kitchener-Waterloo
    2. Gamaliel Malave – The Growth Coach of Puerto Rico
    3. Tim Shepelak – the Growth Coach of Cincinnati

Take a look at this list of the award winners who were recognized for their performance in 2020:

Trailblazer Award:  Joe Brenneman – the Growth Coach of South Orange County

    • Joe increased his revenue 214% from 2019 to 2020.  He did this by partnering with other coaches on virtual workshops, holding a virtual conference for Caring Transitions owners (another Strategic Franchising brand) and using the Strategic Start* program to grow his client base.
    • Joe credits his success during the year to following the advice he gives to his own clients.  “Get out of your own way and let go of limiting beliefs.”  

Rookie of the Year Award:  Jeff Roberts – The Growth Coach of SW Kansas City

    • Without even a full 12 months in business during 2020, Jeff earned himself a spot among the top 10 revenue producers for the year.  He focused on his already strong networks in local Chambers of Commerce and churches because most forms of in person networking were shut down for the year.
    • Jeff credits his success to leaning on the other coaches in the network for suggestions and motivation during an especially challenging rookie year.  He started the year with a trip to the annual Growth Coach conference, one of the last in person events of 2020, and used the inspiration from this event to keep him going throughout the rest of the year.  

Summit Award:  Rick Franzo – The Growth Coach of the Poconos

    • Rick increased his year over year revenue by 196% in 2020.  He is an incredibly generous person with his time and talents and lends support and encouragement to all the other coaches.  He helped to create a Best Practices training guide to help other coaches who wish to partner with their local Chambers of Commerce and was always willing to lend a hand with virtual workshop improvements. 
    • Rick credits his successful year to the power of The Growth Coach network and the support of the home office team.  He said, “Everything is there for us to succeed.  We just need to grab hold of it.”   

Innovation Award:  Gamaliel Malave – The Growth Coach of Puerto Rico

    • Gamaliel has a huge drive for success and can always speak to his exact goals.  He has survived hurricanes, earthquakes and Covid-19 to become one of the top producers in the network.  He earned the Innovation Award by creating webinars for large groups to introduce the concept of The Growth Coach to a wide variety of business owners and leaders.  These webinars earned him many new clients.  
    • Gamaliel intends to double his business in 2021.  

International Coach of the Year:  Santiago Garcia – The Growth Coach Master Partner: Spain, Peru & Ecuador

    • Santiago is a true partner to all Growth Coaches in the US and internationally.  He helps train new coaches and adds value on every network call.  His guidance has helped many other Growth Coach franchisees to better understand international business.
    • Santiago said it was a very challenging year, but he learned a lot and decided to share even more with other franchisees.  The other coaches gave him the strength to keep going and to be resilient and creative.  He said it is an honor to be a part of this team.  

Domestic Coach of the Year:  Kurt Treu – The Growth Coach of Greater Cleveland

    • Kurt is a mentor to many Growth Coaches and is highly regarded by all.  He was able to achieve the fourth highest revenue in the network for 2020 by focusing his efforts on law firms, helping them learn how to increase sales.  
    • Kurt credits his success to relationship building.  He said that every Growth Coach can find their own niche or comfort zone, but the one thing they all must do is focus on creating great relationships, both internally and externally.  He is incredibly grateful for all the people in his circles who keep him motivated. 

At the close of the Awards Ceremony, the entire network learned about the exciting new initiatives for 2021.  The home office team at The Growth Coach is constantly looking for ways to better support all the franchisees and to help them be the most successful coaches they can be.  

Congratulations to all these award winners and to every Growth Coach for a successful 2020!

*Strategic Start - The Growth Coach is part of Strategic Franchising Systems which includes four other service-based brands.  An added benefit to joining the Strategic Franchising family of brands is complimentary business and sales coaching from a member of The Growth Coach team. In addition to each franchisee's brand specific business coach, a Growth Coach will also be available to provide business strategy, sales coaching and accountability for the first six months after launch.  While this benefit is free to new franchisees, each Growth Coach is fully compensated by the respective Strategic Franchising brand.