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Get to Know Lisa Hudson: The Growth Coach Brand President

Did you know that women represent 47% of the workforce and, in 40% of households, they are the primary breadwinner?  Or that companies in the top quartile for gender diversity are 15% more likely to outperform the competition? 

Women in leadership positions are a driving force in our economy.

The Growth Coach is lucky to have Lisa Hudson at its helm as brand president.  She is known for her infectious laugh, which illustrates her resilience and positive attitude.  If you are ever looking for her office, all you need to do is listen and follow the laughter.

In honor of International Women's Day and Women's History month in March, Lisa recently shared her thoughts on being a woman in leadership and her role with The Growth Coach.

Lisa Hudson Brand President The Growth Coach

What is your leadership style?

Lisa: I am a servant leader who believes in transparent communication with my team and franchisees.  My vision of leadership is an inverted triangle with the leader at the bottom lifting everyone else up.  I believe the best way to get people to believe in themselves and share their thoughts and ideas freely is to create an environment where they feel safe and supported.  This doesn’t mean I fail to have opinions, take charge, and lead.  It does mean that I will always listen to the needs of my team and franchisees to make sure they feel valued as decisions are being made.  With any new initiative, I seek first to make sure everyone understands the “why” behind the decision and how it aligns with The Growth Coach mission: To significantly transform lives and businesses around the world...ONE community at a time.

How would you describe the ideal franchisor/franchisee relationship?

Lisa:  This is a business relationship that requires great communication.  I love to hear about what our franchisees think will drive their businesses and will happily entertain those conversations and encourage innovation.  The great thing about The Growth Coach is that each franchisee can use the available tools, systems, and network of experts  to create a personalized business model based on their diverse backgrounds and the needs of their business community.    While our business model is flexible enough to be effective across varying business landscapes. any changes we make, either to individual business plans or for the network,  need to be congruent with the overall integrity of the brand.   

What has been the most important lesson you have learned as a leader?

Lisa:  I learned a very important and timeless lesson during my first role out of college in retail sales management.  I was working  hard and putting in long hours.  I spent the bulk of my time finding things to fix or clean up that had been forgotten about or fallen through the cracks.  I really thought I was doing a great job and supporting my team toward success.  But during my first review, my manager gave me this feedback and advice:  The scoreboard matters!  All the things you are doing are wonderful and we love the enthusiasm, but you can’t forget to focus on immediate results.  From this feedback I learned very early in my career that results matter and that you must be strategic and prioritize your activities in order to get the results you desire.   I also learned that to be a respected leader and an effective coach you have to know how to give direct feedback with a positive intent and a kind delivery so that it is well-received and acted upon.

What advice would you give to women looking to advance their careers into leadership or own their own businesses?

Lisa:  Have a clear vision.  Know what steps you need to take along the way.  Find a trusted mentor and talk with them regularly.  Keep your focus on what you want and believe that you can achieve it.  Do not let set-backs or failures define you or diminish your confidence.  Keep pressing on  and make sure to surround yourself with people who will keep you positive and lift you up when you are struggling.  Who you spend most of your time with is who you become.

The Growth Coach Team

Lisa Hudson has been the brand president for The Growth Coach since 2019.  Before that, she was a Growth Coach owner in Carmel, Indiana for almost 4 years.  Her experience as a Growth Coach franchisee gives her a unique and valuable perspective which she brings to every strategic decision and interaction with The Growth Coach network.  She had a successful 26-year history in retail management with Macy’s holding various executive leadership positions prior to joining The Growth Coach.

When she isn’t busy leading her team or supporting franchisees, Lisa spends time with her  two daughters, Shelby and Courtney,  her son, Jake, and her two Morkies, Baxter and Bentley.  She enjoys travelling with her family and once took a trip to Costa Rica where she was brave enough to zipline over the rainforest canopy.

If you’d like to learn more about becoming a Growth Coach owner fill out an inquiry form today.  You will have the opportunity to help motivate and guide business owners and leaders in your community while being  part of a supportive team yourself.