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Get to Know Mike Williams, The Growth Coach of Northern Virginia

Mike Williams launched The Growth Coach of Northern Virginia in 2015 after over thirty years of experience in various leadership positions. Additionally, Mike was a Captain in the US Army and served as a medical services officer and company commander for six years. He was responsible for 160 personnel in that role. After leaving the service he went to work for Mobil Chemical Co. (now Exxon Mobil) and held various leadership roles during his tenure. After that he spent almost twenty-one years with Coca-Cola, also in leadership roles. His background includes training and development, sales and marketing, operations management and strategic planning.

Mike Williams Headshot

Despite truly enjoying his years in corporate America, Mike wanted to venture out on his own as a business owner.  He decided to leverage his years of leadership experience to enter the business coaching industry.  Training, mentoring and coaching have always been a passion of his.  In fact, he earned a bachelor’s degree in education from Morgan State University prior to joining the Army.  After seeing the success of a friend who is working as a business coach in the oil industry, Mike decided to go for it.

Mike Williams coaching session
“I became a Growth Coach because I wanted to make a positive impact on the lives and businesses in my community. It’s inspiring to me to see business owners set goals – and then achieve those goals – and I’m looking forward to being part of that process. I want to help the business leaders in our area get to the next level.” Mike Williams

Of course, knowing he wanted to embark on a business coaching career and knowing HOW to do it were two different things.  So, Mike investigated franchise opportunities as a way to find the tools and support he would need to get started and be successful.  Investing in a franchise would allow him to launch his business much faster.  Instead of spending time creating coaching materials and building a brand, he could spend his time building and servicing his client base.  The Growth Coach provides its franchise owners with a wide array of fully developed coaching programs and materials along with extensive training on how to implement them.  This, along with all the other benefits of joining a franchise , such as: national brand recognition, marketing and operations support, ongoing training and support, and a network of other franchise owners to collaborate with, made the decision to invest in a Growth Coach franchise the clear choice.

Mike Williams Coaching Segment
“Being a Growth Coach gives me the opportunity to share my experience along with the proven Growth Coach process to the benefit of my clients and the community.” Mike Williams

Currently, Mike has been working mostly with service providers on topics such as sales and marketing training, time management, strategic planning for growth, and communication skills for leaders. All these topics are designed to help the business owners or leaders take their successes to the next level and Mike finds this especially gratifying work.  Because of his past experiences, he is equally able to help guide the course of larger companies as well as understand the day-to-day struggles of an independent business owner. 

However, he has his sights set on securing more contracts with larger companies that will act as key accounts and sources of long-term repeating revenue.  In this way he is working smarter, not harder, just like he coaches his clients to do using the Strategic Mindset coaching program developed by The Growth Coach.

One way that Mike attracts new clients, and supports his current ones, is with his “Tip of the Week” videos which he sends out to his private Facebook group and uploads onto YouTube.  Here is an example of one of his videos in which he talks about what it takes to be an exceptional leader:

According to Mike, now is a great time to get into the business coaching industry.  The Covid-19 pandemic has caused many business leaders to recognize that they have a need for coaching support in areas such as contingency planning, identifying potential new revenue streams, communicating effectively with teams, and building high performing remote teams.  He is even seeing a large increase in the traffic on his marketing platforms, which indicates an increase in the demand for business coaching.

Lisa Hudson Brand President The Growth Coach
“Mike Williams has a passion for coaching with both his clients and other Coaches in our Growth Coach network.  Mike has a keen ability to help others break down the problems they are facing and in partnership with the client build a strategy that will have great impact.  We appreciate Mike acting as a change agent and helping others to think differently.”  Lisa Hudson, brand president of The Growth Coach

The Growth Coach is a home-based, low-cost franchise opportunity in the growing business coaching industry.  If you would like to learn more about this opportunity, fill out our inquiry form now.