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How to Create a Highly Successful Career as Business Coach

Lisa Hudson, brand president of The Growth Coach, was recently interviewed by Authority Magazine for its series on success in the coaching industry.  In this article, Lisa shares a bit about her background and what she believes are the non-negotiables when it comes to being a successful business coach. 

Here is her list:

  1.  Get Out And Meet People — Highly successful Coaches are naturally curious about others and want to both learn more about their performance gaps and spend time discussing opportunities to best provide solutions.
  2. Ask Great Questions — Highly successful Coaches use their curiosity to ask questions that encourage others to think differently. These questions cannot be quickly answered with one or two words but will require more questions to help others discover their root cause that often they are too busy to slow down to see.
  3. Find The Fears — Highly successful Coaches can sense that fears are holding back progress, movement, or change for their clients. Pushing through these fears and the comfort zone can be a powerful breakthrough for business owners and executives for growth and personal development.

4.  Lead By Example — Highly successful Coaches must be the best at following a system and displaying commitment to consistent behaviors that drive results. As business owners, Coaches face the same challenges as their clients, but they have programs to help them move forward, and these processes can be shared with others to create the change needed for success.

5.  Accountability — Highly successful Coaches know that tough love and accountability are needed to help clients stay on track and move forward with the goals they have set. Follow-up is key to making behavioral changes.

To read the complete interview, click here. 

The business coaching industry has been steadily growing and has now reached an impressive $15 billion dollars in annual revenue.  While there is quite a bit of success to be found for those entering this industry, getting started can seem overwhelming.  If you are excited about the idea of sharing your expertise through coaching, but don't know where or how to begin, take a look at what The Growth Coach has to offer.  This low-cost, home-based franchise opportunity provides its owners with all the tools and support they need to launch and grow their coaching business. In addition, you get guidance from Lisa Hudson and her team along with a vast network of coaching peers to share ideas and best practices with.  

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