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Experienced Business Leader and Veteran Brings The Growth Coach to South San Jose

In the wake of the COVID-19 Pandemic, Ramon Ware realized he had an opportunity to use his business experience and leadership training to make a difference for small and medium-sized local businesses. Now he’s looking forward to doing just that as the owner of The Growth Coach of South San Jose.

“I have lived in Silicon Valley for 10 years, but I have always commuted to other cities for work. After COVID-19 and a successful corporate career in which I leveraged many tools to help the businesses where I worked, I want to use those tools and experiences more widely for small and medium sized local businesses rather than one business at a time. I want to stop earning a living and start making a life in community,” Ware said. “As a Growth Coach, I’m looking for business owners and company leaders who are eager to make a change and are looking for a partner they can trust to guide them, support them and stand behind them. My clients and I are in this together so we can all grow.”

Ramon Ware, Owner of The Growth Coach South San Jose

Ware earned his bachelor’s degree in Behavior Science from the United States Air Force Academy. He’s also a distinguished graduate of Webster University, where he earned his MBA. After nine years of active duty with the Air Force as a rated navigator on special operations aircraft, Ware moved into the corporate world for the next 20 years, including five years in executive-level leadership. His last role took him to the startup world, where he was able to use his certified as a Lean Six Sigma Black Belt status to help businesses launch, grow and succeed. As a Growth Coach, Ware works with clients in San Jose, Willow Glen, Los Gatos, Almaden, the Cambrian enclave and the surrounding areas.

“I was fortunate enough to go to the Air Force Academy, which is essentially a leadership lab, and then I led small teams in the military and large teams in corporate America. I’ve worked for the well-established, billion-dollar companies and I’ve worked for startups. I’ve been with fast-growing companies and I’ve been with ones that struggled. I feel like all of those different roles and experiences truly prepared me to be a Growth Coach and to help other business owners and company leaders. With my background and The Growth Coach program, I’m ready to help business owners step back from their business, look at their challenges and opportunities, create plans for improvement, take action and stay accountable for the outcome,” Ware said.

To learn more about Ware and The Growth Coach of South San Jose, visit here.