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The Growth Coach Initial Training Curriculum Sets New Franchise Coaches Up for Success

Last month, The Growth Coach held its monthly training program for new franchise owners and coaches. The Growth Coach headquarters in Cincinnati, Ohio hosted new owners Ramon Ware- The Growth Coach of San Jose South and  Jessie Kwatamdia-The Growth Coach of Columbia, MO.  Also included in the training was Sherrell Smith, a new coach joining the team of Growth Coach owner Bob Paden of The Growth Coach of North Indianapolis .  At the end of their training week, we sat down with these new owners and coaches to learn more about what led them to the Growth Coach and their thoughts on the training program.

Excerpts from the interview below:

What about business coaching interests you?

Jesse Kwatamdia: Throughout my management career, from the corporate world to non-profits, coaching others always played a significant role for me. I believe in growing people to their best potential. 

Sherrell Smith: I was a sales and business coach for 19 years in a corporate role. During this time, I recognized that I truly loved helping others succeed. When I looked more into coaching as a business, I felt that The Growth Coach had a great system in place. Their systems and proven models provide their owners with the ability to truly make a difference in peoples’ lives and businesses.

How did you learn about The Growth Coach?  

Jessie Kwatamdia:  Actually, The Growth Coach found me. Originally, a few members of the team viewed my LinkedIn profile, then reached out. We set up a phone call and the rest is history. I felt honored that they saw the potential in me to be successful in coaching. Also, I was impressed by their patience. I had a lot on my plate when they first reached out, and never once did I feel rushed in the process.

Sherrell Smith:  About 5 years ago, I met the current Growth Coach brand president, Lisa Hudson, at a networking event. Through our friendship, I watched Lisa help so many people succeed in reaching their goals. Watching her success in coaching encouraged me to do the same thing. So, in 2020, I decided to officially pursue my dream of becoming a business coach. Ultimately, I decided to join Bob Paden as he is expanding  his team at The Growth Coach of North Indianapolis. 

What was your favorite part of The Growth Coach’s training program?

Ramon Ware:  My favorite part of our training was interacting with current coaches and getting to know their style of coaching. This reassured me  that I can incorporate my own personality into the business while following well established programs. 

Jessie Kwatamdia:  My background is in adult and continuing education. Typically, the first thing I look at is the material. The material was excellent and organized in the perfect manner. The teaching method was wonderful, and hands on. I was so impressed by the entire program.

What advice do you have for prospective business coaches?

Ramon Ware:  Don’t let fear of the unknown stop you from starting your own business. What motivated me to get started was the thought of looking back at my life and being disappointed that I never owned my own business.

Sherrell Smith:  Anyone considering  The Growth Coach can rest assured that they will be well-prepared, well-taken care of, and well-supported to launch their business.

The Growth Coach offers a low-cost, home-based franchise model in the growing business coaching industry, providing the perfect investment opportunity for entrepreneurs seeking to build their own coaching business that supports the small to medium sized businesses and business leaders in their communities.

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