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Building a Successful Coaching Business: 4 Secrets to Success

Building a successful coaching business isn’t easy. It requires the skills of a great coach as well as a high level of business acumen. Here are four insider tips to help you succeed.


Business Coach and her clients

Your skills and experience have made you an asset to the coaching field. You are passionate about using your strengths to empower others in your community. Whether you are seeking a chance to escape the typical nine to five workday, to be in business  for yourself, or to parlay your skills into a more meaningful existence, your talents and drive will lead you to entrepreneurial success.

The demand for business coaching is enormous and is still growing, providing plenty of opportunities for you to put your talents to good use and to benefit from a reliable stream of revenue. Over 28 million small businesses in the U.S. employ the services of business coaches, making it a booming $11 billion industry that is growing by $200 million a year. 

In the field of business coaching, the opportunities are vast and varied. Take the time to recognize your strengths so that you are able to focus your efforts accordingly.


One of the key factors in translating a successful coaching career into a thriving business is  simple, but often overlooked: Own your role as a leader. In order to become a successful owner or executive, you must embrace the position of leadership and market yourself accordingly. 

When you combine your desire to help others and your strong drive toward personal success with a brand like The Growth Coach, you will be guided toward your goals by a team of experts and you will receive world-class marketing support.

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The repercussions of the COVID-19 pandemic will continue to be felt by almost every industry for the foreseeable future, business owners will be faced with the prospect of adjusting their work environments to suit their workforce. This means there will still be a large number of remote and work-from-home employees, something not all sectors were accustomed to a year ago. 

Building a coaching business in this new and evolving landscape means developing a playbook for strategic planning suited to the times. The best business owners are doing everything in their power to prevent layoffs, salary cuts, and furloughs, and they will need business coaches to help their personnel adapt to remote work and shifting responsibilities. By prioritizing their needs, you will stand out from other coaches and provide an invaluable service. As the call for collaboration and interconnectivity increases, the need for savvy business coaches is greater than ever. 

The right business coach can help a company focus its employees and help to position its products and services with the right audience. The Growth Coach franchise supports its owners with strategies and  tools to seek out these types of clients.  After a monumentally disruptive year, business leaders and their teams are in need of the kind of redirection and encouragement that Growth Coach franchise owners are more than prepared to provide.

Jeff Roberts - Group Coaching Class


Franchising affords you the opportunity to work with a proven, trusted brand and provides you with a carefully designed business model.   When compared with independent business ownership, franchising offers you lower start-up costs, new owner  training, marketing tools and strategies, and ongoing support provided by a team of industry experts. You will also be connected to a network of like-minded franchise owners who will share best practices and support you along the way. 

For coaching entrepreneurs looking for a scalable business opportunity, The Growth Coach provides the perfect platform to grow. The Growth Coach is an industry leader with built-in support and infrastructure, comprehensive training, high impact marketing, and strong brand culture. Founded on the concept that group coaching allows coaches to better leverage their time and build their business, The Growth Coach was designed to equally benefit its franchise owners  and the clients they serve. 

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