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How to Scale a Coaching Business: Moving Past the Plateau

If you’ve been trying to scale your existing coaching business or are looking to start a new one that you plan to grow over time, one of the biggest challenges will be how you’ll manage your time to accomplish your business goals.


Growing a business in any industry will require you to  survive the inevitable ebbs and flows in the market. In the coaching business, these changing tides may be caused by elements beyond your control, such as the economy, extended company holidays or hiatuses, shifting management needs, and more. 

If you’ve been worried about generating enough revenue with your coaching business, whether you’ve already started it or are merely in the brainstorming phase, there are likely a couple of thoughts on your mind:

Your revenue will plateau.. We all are faced with a limited amount of time,  and business owners are faced with a seemingly unlimited number of items on their to do lists.  Add this list to the amount of time you have to spend building a client base and then coaching them, and you may feel concerned that you will hit a revenue plateau.  You may worry that you will simply not have enough time left in your schedule to add more clients who will generate additional revenue. Your business will become all-consuming. Starting an independent coaching business can become overwhelming as you spend time writing your business plan, creating your materials, and securing clients. . Once you’ve launched your business,  you will also face the challenge of losing  some clients through natural attrition. As your stress level rises while you deal with these issues, your motivation may decrease and decision-making may become more difficult.. With so much on your plate every day, you may actually become less productive.  This can impact the amount of revenue you create.


If you choose to start an independent coaching business, it will be incredibly time-consuming, especially in the beginning. You’ll spend more time marketing and creating materials than you will spend coaching, and the usual roadblocks faced by an independent coaching business, including budget constraints and lack of marketing experience, may keep you from growing your business as quickly as you’d like.

Additionally, project commitments and your overall workload may prove difficult to manage. Things can become overwhelming fast and limit your progress.  In other words, you will get stuck in the weeds. An alternative to starting your own coaching business is joining an experienced franchise that can provide you with structure and support to scale your business more quickly. 


A successful business coaching franchise eliminates the barriers that typically prevent independent owners from scaling their businesses. 

The Growth Coach, in business since 2003, is an industry-leading business coaching franchise in the U.S. and abroad. Growth Coach franchise owners use proprietary group and individual coaching programs, meeting with clients on a regularly scheduled basis to work through effective management, sales, and interpersonal coaching solutions. The Growth Coach has perfected a program that will not only attract new clients, but also retain existing  clients to help franchise owners grow and scale their business.

The Growth Coach provides training, marketing expertise, and protected territories to allow franchise owners to launch and scale their businesses quickly. After nearly 20 years in business, The Growth Coach follows a winning formula that provides a vital service to the greater business community, benefitting both franchise owners and the professionals who seek their  help.

There are an estimated 28 million small and mid-sized businesses in the U.S., which means there are plenty of clients to work with and plenty of opportunities to scale a business coaching franchise. The Growth Coach is seeking passionate entrepreneurs to join our franchise system  as we further our nationwide expansion.


If you’d like to learn from The Growth Coach how to scale your coaching business by investing in our franchise, you can view our next steps here.