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Meet Joshua Johns, Director of Marketing

Meet Joshua Johns, Marketing Director 

With a background in media design and communication, The Growth Coach Director of Marketing, Joshua Johns, is well-equipped to provide support to franchise owners as they grow their business. Joshua began his career as the Marketing Coordinator for an international software company, while also operating his own boutique marketing firm that specialized in branding and design, and developing marketing resources for small businesses. 

In his role with The Growth Coach, Joshua helps franchise owners both develop a marketing strategy and the necessary assets to go along with it as well as coach owners on how to best utilize the solutions. Joshua utilizes the support of independent teams focused on Public Relations, Social Media, and Web Development, which allows him to spend his time offering hands-on, customized support to the franchise owners throughout all phases of business development and growth. 

The support begins with a JumpStart Program that typically lasts between five and eight weeks and keeps the new franchise owner accountable. The JumpStart Program includes a process to organize and establish a business, recommended reading, necessary certification programs, the development of a business plan, and understanding and learning The Growth Coach product offerings.

At the conclusion of the JumpStart, franchise owners attend a week-long, hands-on training in Cincinnati and then leave with a 90 Days Secret of My Success plan. This plan includes daily tasks necessary to stay on the path to success. At the same time, franchise owners have weekly calls with Joshua as well as the Onboarding and Operations Coach. 

It is up to the owner to determine the level of support needed as the business becomes established. Some choose to keep the weekly call for a year or more, while other franchise owners reduce the frequency to once per month. Regardless, Joshua connects with each owner every 90 days to confirm how business is going and to adjust the level of support, if needed. 

In addition to the individual coaching offered to franchise owners, The Growth Coach offers a variety of programming to encourage business owners to stay engaged with the peer network of other Growth Coach franchise owners. These include Motivation Mondays, a webinar series held once per month and offers the opportunity for business owners to share the best part of the month, ideas, and best practices. Similarly, the monthly Marketing Mastery series provides information on new marketing initiatives that franchise owners are utilizing and offers the chance for other coaches to determine how it might be helpful in their own business. 

When he is not helping to support the marketing initiatives of The Growth Coach franchise owners, Joshua says, “I am a big nerd” and “the resident Star Wars guy” in the office. In addition to the Star Wars paraphernalia throughout his office, he is looking forward to wearing his new full “cos-play worthy” Jedi costume. 

He also is fascinated by the brain and spends a lot of time educating himself about cognitive behavioral therapy and neurolinguistics. He is particularly fascinated by understanding how what a person says and how it is said can impact those around them, particularly in the workplace. 

And in case you were wondering, he’s a “purist” so his favorite Star Wars movie is Episode 5, The Empire Strikes Back.