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Owner Spotlight – Bob Paden

Bob Paden, Owner of the Growth Coach of North Indianapolis

Meet Growth Coach Owner Bob Paden 

The Growth Coach of North Indianapolis 

With an extensive career  in business development and sales over 20 years, Bob Paden considers himself a “corporate refuge”. He decided moving up the corporate ladder wasn’t his goal  and decided to start his own business. With his B.S. Degree from Purdue University in Mechanical Engineering Technology, Bob worked in and around small, large, local, and global companies including Rolls-Royce, Cummins, Quest-Global, and Qantas before branching out under his own branded company and now, The Growth Coach of North Indianapolis

Bob realized his passion for business coaching when working as a consultant with clients in the energy industry. “I started to find that coaching came into play after 5 o’clock - after your day job you get pulled into the office with leaders and business owners and I found that I really enjoyed that part of my work.” As a result, he began to focus more of his business on coaching under his own brand until he met a Growth Coach franchise owner and the rest, you might say, is history. 

When asked why The Growth Coach over other coaching franchise opportunities, Bob says, “I liked the midwestern attitude of the franchise.” He explains, “it allowed me to build a business the way I wanted to build a business without them dictating to me how to build my business.” Bob points out that The Growth Coach provides a network to rely on for support and that he can tap into for ideas. In fact, Bob is quick to point out that he does not feel that his business would have survived the pandemic without the support he received through The Growth Coach. “It allowed us to make quick pivots that we could not have done on our own.” 

Rather than “making it all up on your own,” which adds an incredible amount of work on a daily basis, Bob says that The Growth Coach provides solutions that he can customize for his clients. And while support from The Growth Coach continues if he needs it, now that he is growing and expanding his business, it is driven by his time and needs. “Once you get the momentum of your business going, you can’t make every call and meeting but it is there when I need it.” 

Of the features that appealed to Bob about The Growth Coach is that it is scalable. The system allows for that to occur where other coaching franchises do not allow it or make it extremely costly. While it took him some time to find the right coaches, he has added two additional coaches to his team and hopes to add two more within the next couple years.  Bob credits Sherrell and Janet for adding diversity of thought and experience to his coaching portfolio and for helping him to expand his reach to parts of his territory that are difficult for him to touch on a regular basis. 

Bob’s advice to those considering franchise ownership is to go into it with the understanding that, “you may have to do a lot of things that may not be in your comfort zone.” Being a business owner requires a lot of sales and while The Growth Coach works to prepare franchisees for this reality, “it doesn’t really sink in until you do it every day.” But the bottom line, Bob says, is that franchise ownership is a worthy investment and The Growth Coach in particular allows you to build the business you want, the way you want it. 

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