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Common questions about The Growth Coach franchise opportunity

We’re looking for passionate and experienced entrepreneurs to join our team, and we get a lot of questions. Here are some answers to the questions we hear frequently about our business coaching franchise:

What is the total investment?

The Growth Coach franchise is a remarkably affordable franchise opportunity. Startup costs range from $42,000 to $63,900. And, with our quick startup time, you can be fully trained, up and running, and generating revenue faster than with other business consulting franchises.

See our startup costs page for more information.

What is the Franchise Fee and Royalty Structure?

We charge $27,900 for our current franchise fee and a royalty of 15%; $750 monthly minimum for 18 months; $1,000 monthly minimum thereafter. See our current Franchise Disclosure Document (FDD) for additional details. To get a copy of the current FDD, please complete the form on this page and we’ll get back to you with instructions

What are the qualifications for Franchise Ownership?

While we do not have a fixed criteria for ownership, we are seeking investors with the financial and professional resources available to provide for all startup costs and the costs associated with living while they get their business off the ground. A solid history of business, training, human resources or coaching experience is preferred, plus a passion for service and professionalism is a must.

What are the available markets to open a Growth Coach Franchise?

When The Growth Coach began more than 15 years ago, we started with just a handful of territories. Today, Growth Coaches serve almost 70 markets across the United States — and international Master Franchises are joining our system around the world.

With a significant demand for group coaching and room for prime new locations throughout the United States and abroad, The Growth Coach offers a tremendous growth potential with available regions in choice locations. We believe our brand will continue to quickly grow a great name recognition and a reputation for being one of the best bets in the business coaching market.

To see our general list of available markets, click here.

What makes a good Growth Coach territory?

The Growth Coach does well in locations with a large number of businesses. We work with you to help craft custom territories to fit your needs and to drive a thriving Growth Coach location. Our affordable business coaching service is suitable for virtually any of the 28 million small- and medium- sized businesses in the United States.

What type of office or real estate do you need?

Because The Growth Coach is a professional services business, real estate requirements are minimal. Many Growth Coach franchise owners operate out of their homes, meeting in community rooms at public libraries, in Small Business Development Centers on college campuses or in the board rooms of their local Chambers of Commerce. This allows for franchise owners to eliminate the cost expenditure of purchasing land or property or leasing expensive commercial space, and it frees up the related time consumption that goes with obtaining permits or contracts.

Do I need employees?

While you can scale your business by adding support personnel or additional trained coaches, many The Growth Coach franchise owners never hire a single employee. The business is designed to be operated as a sole, owner-operator entity that can scale to multiple coaches and support staff, if the franchise owner chooses to do so.

Bring the premier business coaching franchise to your community today

The Growth Coach is a low-cost investment opportunity with high potential for growth as we expand across the United States and abroad. Startup costs range from $55,125 to $76,025, depending on variable costs of membership in professional organizations, marketing costs, and other factors that vary by market.

Have additional questions? Contact us or give us a call and we’ll gather the information you need. It might be the best call you make!