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Ideal Franchisee

Who Makes a Good Growth Coach Franchise Owner?

Before founding The Growth Coach, Dan Murphy was a CPA for an international accounting and auditing firm. Clint Blinka was a track and field coach in public schools. Other franchise business coaches have come from many different career paths.

Becoming a successful Growth Coach franchise owner doesn’t necessarily mean you were a corporate titan. It means you have a heart for business coaching, a desire to serve, and a willingness to guide business owners, managers, and salespeople to new heights of success. At the heart of our program is the idea of facilitating The Growth Coach process for each client.

A franchise business coach can come from all walks of life and any level of experience

The decision to become a Growth Coach owner comes down to that individual’s desires. Consider these reasons our Growth Coaches decided to make the switch. Then ask yourself: what kind of life do you want?

Achieve work-life balance

Clint Blinka was at the top of his field, a highly qualified track and field coach who started out in local high schools and transitioned into collegiate operations at Sam Houston State University, a Division 1 school.

“I loved everything I did with Sam Houston State and coaching track and field, working with the athletes and the university, but the issues I began to have were the time commitment issues,” Clint says. His wife had recently opened a small business, and with two small children at home, Dad’s attention became paramount. Traveling on the weekends was no longer an option. “I was missing out too much on the family time. So I tried to find an option that would give me a little bit more flexible schedule.”

The Growth Coach franchise model provided him the flexibility to achieve a work-life balance that worked for his family while also allowing him to continue using the coaching skills he had developed at a Division 1 school. Now, as The Growth Coach of The Woodlands, Texas, Clint gets the best of both worlds — and he’s home every night and on the weekends.

Leverage experience and skills to help businesses thrive

Dan Murphy isn’t just the founder of The Growth Coach. He’s also a long-time business coach himself, with a thriving practice and years’ worth of clients under his belt. For Dan, the opportunity to leverage his resources, skills, and abilities to help small businesses is motive enough to keep at it, now more than 25 years in.

“When I was a CPA, I could clearly see the owners in the same industry — one thriving, one struggling — and it was a matter of their mindsets and habits,” Dan says. “By helping those struggling owners practice good habits — organization, time management, focusing on the business, not in the business — I am able to help them achieve a work-life balance that’s manageable. Best of all, with The Growth Coach’s system of group coaching, I achieve a great work-life balance of my own versus struggling and making half the money for much more work as a stand-alone coach doing one-on-one coaching.”

The Growth Coach franchise owners know: they help people work their businesses, not be worked by the businesses they own. This leads to growth for the client, long-term relationships and revenue for The Growth Coach and a remarkably fulfilling, mission-driven career that you can be proud of.

Grow your business while growing others

Kurt Treu spent more than 30 years in banking, an industry where the value of ongoing coaching has long been embraced. He knew first-hand the importance of coaching employees, managers, and executives at all levels, and when he finally decided to take the dive into coaching, he chose The Growth Coach. For Kurt, being a coach, not a consultant, was the chief differentiator.

“I stay with them and hold them accountable to the plans they make,” he says. “In every case, you can see the engagement arise, you can see the leaders take on a more powerful leadership role, and then the sales increase. I wish I was able to work with 1,000 more companies because then I could have an even bigger impact.”

Kurt points out that, with The Growth Coach, you’re never going it alone, either. We’ve invested the time and resources you need to become successful in your coaching endeavors. Learn more about how we help you position your business for continued growth and long-term revenue.