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International Growth Coach Franchise Opportunities

Spread Business Success Throughout Your Country

Are you passionate about The Growth Coach Business model? We’re looking for determined entrepreneurs, who are highly knowledgeable about the business culture to lead The Growth Coach in their own country. We understand that business coaching isn’t one size fits all across cultures, that’s why we need YOU.

We’re currently operating in 14 countries and looking to expand into new regions.

The Growth Coach business model can be easily adapted to different cultures around the world. They’ve already been adapted for Latin American audiences, European markets, and in numerous languages and cultures around the world. We need to combine both yours and our expertise to make The Growth Coach the strongest it can be in markets everywhere.

As a Growth Coach Master Partner, you will have access to:

  • World-class training and ongoing support
  • A proven business model for an affordable, global business
  • Access to our proprietary Strategic Mindset
  • Multiple Diverse ongoing profit centers in an international market

Becoming a Master Franchise

What is a master franchise?

You will be the C.E.O. of The Growth Coach of your country. You will make all the executive decisions for the brand and adapt the system to benefit the unique business cultures. As master franchise you have the opportunity to sell franchises and make a huge impact on your business community by helping owners, business leaders and sales executives at maximizing their businesses potential.

What are the qualifications to become a master franchise?

We’re looking for someone who has a deep connection to the country and understands the government, has the contacts and the know-how to understand and thrive in the economics of their country. We’re looking for more than the money to buy the business, but the passion for coaching and the drive for someone to give back and help businesses in their country.

  • An ability to navigate the language effectively
  • Familiarity with government regulations and processes for starting a new business
  • A passion for coaching and a desire to help your business community

What are the benefits of becoming a master franchise?

You’ll be more than just a Growth Coach owner, you will receive the benefits of being the franchisor. You’ll also be a leader in the franchising industry, an expert in your field and someone business leaders turn to for guidance and advice.

How much does it cost to be a master franchise?

Becoming a master franchise comes with an investment fee, but the cost is dependent on many different attributes. This includes the nation you’re seeking to represent, the type of business markets and climates that exist, and many more. We cannot give you an exact cost of investment, if you would like to learn more: click here.

What if there’s already a master franchise in my country?

If you’re interested in becoming a Growth Coach owner, but there’s already a master franchise in your country. Contact the master franchise of your country to learn more about getting involved.

“The concept and value of coaching can be applied anywhere in the world, where you can take our proven programs and your will to help others succeed and adapt them to work in that country. We haven’t found a country yet where The Growth Coach doesn’t work.”

– Chris Seman, Strategic Franchising President

International Territories

Franchise Opportunities May Be Available

Contact us for more information.
  • Australia
  • Belize
  • Columbia
  • Ecuador
  • India
  • Mexico
  • New Zealand
  • Peru
  • Spain

Opportunities Available for a Master Franchise

Contact us for information on countries not listed above.