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International Markets

International Franchise Opportunities

The Growth Coach International business coaching franchise opportunity is looking for you!

Bring our innovative group business and sales coaching programs to your country

The Growth Coach’s international business coaching franchise opportunity of business and sales coaching programs are remarkably portable to business cultures around the world. In fact, we’re already operating in 16 countries, and we’re looking to grow into new regions, as well.

Brand President Ray Fabik points to the successful launch of The Growth Coach in Ecuador, where our proprietary programs have been adapted into one-year coaching systems. We’re actively looking for individuals to lead The Growth Coach in their country.

“The concept of coaching can be applied anywhere in the world, where you can take our materials and programs and adapt them to work in that country,” Ray says. “We haven’t found a country yet where The Growth Coach doesn’t work.”

From South America to Europe, Asia and beyond, we’re bringing The Growth Coach to new business audiences all the time. You can be a part of The Growth Coach by becoming a Master Franchise in your country. Bringing The Growth Coach to your country provides you the opportunity to sell franchises to local entrepreneurs, while you’ll also be making a huge impact in your business community, helping owners, business leaders and sales executives maximize their business and personal potential. Find out more about the qualities we’re looking for in potential Master Franchise partners.

What are the Qualifications to Become a Master Franchise?

Think you have what it takes to bring The Growth Coach international business coaching franchise opportunity to your country? Let’s get started!

The Growth Coach programs are remarkably portable, and they’ve already been adapted for Latin American audiences, European markets, and in numerous languages and cultures around the world. We’re in 16 countries, and we want to bring our expertise to market everywhere.

“Wherever we put a Growth Coach, it’s working,” says Ray Fabik, Brand President for The Growth Coach. “We’re finding that, in the countries we go into, there is a built-in admiration for what we’re doing in the U.S., and that translates to brand trust, loyalty and, most importantly, revenues.”

A few of the qualities we’re looking for in a Master Franchise partner include:

  • An ability to navigate the language effectively
  • Familiarity with government regulations and processes for starting new businesses
  • Experience franchising in the home country
  • A passion for coaching and a desire to help your country
  • Business experience running a large organization

“What we really are looking for is someone who has deep connections to the country, understands their government, has the contacts and the know-how to understand and thrive in the economics of their country,” Ray says. “Most importantly, though, potential Master Franchisees need a passion for coaching. Most of our Master Franchisees could buy any business they wanted, but for them, it had to be coaching. This is a great fit for someone who wants to give back and help lift up their country.”

We’ve identified a host of international markets where we think The Growth Coach is primed and ready for international expansion. Find out more and, if your country isn’t on the list, reach out to us and let us know why The Growth Coach would be great for your corner of the world.

Where Are Available International Markets?

We’re seeking Growth Coach Master Franchise partners in these places and many more

The Growth Coach is expanding in the international marketplace. We’re seeking highly motivated, business-minded Master Franchise partners to align with the brand and help small business owners succeed. International Master Franchise partners are responsible for opening an initial location, selling and supporting sub-franchisees throughout their country, and will receive the majority of Franchise Fee and royalty income.

Here are just a few of the regions where we are actively seeking a Master Franchise. If your country of interest is not specifically listed, please reach out to us to discuss options.

Align Internationally with a #1 Ranked Business Coaching Business

The Growth Coach has maintained its position as a leader in the international business and sales coaching industry by equipping partners with the right tools, including extensive training for our entire business model. As an international business coaching franchise opportunity Growth Coach Master Partner, you will have access to:

  • World-class training and ongoing international support
  • A proven business model for an affordable, global business
  • Access to our proprietary Strategic Mindset®
  • Multiple, diverse, and ongoing profit centers in an international market

Invest in Your Financial Future

The Growth Coach is a cost-effective, internationally expanding franchise with initial investment fees dependent on the size of the region/county of investment, number of sub-franchisees, and the level of demographics. Fees include working capital, start-up costs, and the Master Franchise fee.