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Our Culture

What’s Special About The Growth Coach Business Coaching Franchise Culture?

Our coaches aren’t just business owners — they’re a support community for your growth and future

Deciding to join The Growth Coach means you’re diving into the potentially lucrative, $12 billion coaching industry — but you’re not doing it alone. We’ve assembled a powerful team of business coaching franchise culture experts, marketing support staff and, most importantly, other coaches to help you when you need assistance.

This community of committed individuals is just one part of what makes The Growth Coach culture unique. Here are few other factors that make our business and sales coaching franchise stand out:

We coach our coaches. Whether you’re working with another Growth Coach owner to improve your conversion rates or generate new leads, or you’re on the phone with our franchise coaches at the home office, you’re benefitting from a support network that understands the business. 

Regular conference calls keep you on the cutting edge of coaching. Our franchise owners can take part in monthly conference calls with some of the best and brightest coaches in the company. These coaches provide insights on sales and referral networking, guide you through best practices when it comes to applying the materials, and inform you about trends they see emerging in the market.

You’re never alone. Too often, coaching franchise concepts have a single core program — a best-selling book or a unique twist on coaching — and little else. New franchise owners pay a king’s ransom for access to the special tool, and then they’re left to their own devices. That’s not how we do it at The Growth Coach. We’re as invested in your growth as you are, and we’re always there to help, answering your questions, creating marketing materials, or developing new programs to address market needs.

When you become a part of The Growth Coach, you’re joining our family of coaches, and that shows — both to your clients and on your bottom line. Find out how you can grow your business in any number of growth markets, or apply to become the next Growth Coach today.