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What Services Do Growth Coaches Provide?

Potentially lucrative group business coaching sets us apart

The Growth Coach was founded on the concept that to build and scale successful business consulting franchises, coaches need to break free of a forty-hour work week and better leverage their time. When our founder, Dan Murphy, realized the biggest limitation to growing revenues was his time, group coaching was born, freeing the business coaching revenue from the clock.

Time is all any business owner has, and it is always in short supply. Even though the demand for business coaching is enormous and growing daily, most coaches end up spending a majority of their time on one-on-one coaching and consulting project work. This can produce great income but limits you to the time you have available. The Growth Coach’s innovative, group coaching programs unlock the potential to deliver vital assistance to a much larger audience — at a much more affordable price point.

Jeff Roberts - Group Coaching Class

To accomplish this, The Growth Coach focuses on group coaching programs that allow you to attract larger numbers of clients into each hour you have. Rather than working with a single client, you can effectively coach 10 or more business owners in one session. This is important for two reasons:

  • You can generate more sales for the hour by helping several people at once, which helps you grow faster
  • Group coaching sessions open the door to many more up-selling opportunities, helping you concentrate your marketing efforts.

Our group coaching services fall into three categories, each building on the other:

Our Strategic Business Owner coaching programs are designed to help business owners themselves work on, rather than in their businesses. Over time, we help them create growth habits and strategies that help them scale faster than they would by themselves.

The Strategic Mindset® is a two-year group coaching and accountability program delivered quarterly in which Growth Coaches provide the structure and tools necessary for business owners and to take a step back and see the “big picture.” Owners learn how to leverage their strengths to effectively seize opportunities and reach untapped potential. Every 90 days, owners escape the stress and distractions of daily life to attend a full-day workshop in a comfortable and confidential setting with other successful, goal-oriented business owners. These strategic time-outs force them to slow down, think, and plan — the essential ingredients often missing to achieve greater success. Once they’ve graduate from Strategic Business Owner, many clients choose to sign on for Strategic Mastery®, a follow-up and perpetual course, which can drive client retention and revenues.

Once you succeed at helping business owners grow, it is an inevitable next step to help the managers of those businesses, and The Growth Coach offers some attractive group sessions for managers:

The Strategic Manager coaching program

Developing strong managers is one of the best investments a company can make, and the benefits of having a management team focused on growing profits, streamlining operations, and improving customer satisfaction are apparent to owners and managers alike. The Growth Coach Strategic Manager program uses high-impact quarterly workshops to develop managers and other key employees into true leaders who take charge and drive big results. Lasting and positive change occurs because the managers engage in an ongoing development and accountability process specifically designed to bring out the very best in a business’s team.

Similarly, helping owners and managers often shines light on sales issues and in most businesses, hiring and developing successful sales people is a challenge. The Growth Coach offers some innovative and in depth sales leadership coaching programs, too.

The Sales Mastery coaching program

Sales Mastery is a unique, monthly, year-long sales coaching and accountability program specifically designed to provide the on-going education, planning tools, and marketing strategies necessary to see immediate and long-term improvements in sales performance and results. The Growth Coach process addresses some of the toughest issues most sales professionals face — including overcoming objections and managing time effectively. Each sales team will grow professionally and personally while focusing on accomplishing their goals. Growth Coaches arm each member with the right mindset, on-going coaching, and real accountability, and the client’s salespeople improve their performance and maximize bottom-line results.

Other business consulting Growth Coach services

In addition to these anchor programs, each The Growth Coach provides a host of other business coaching programs to help supplement the core program, improve revenues and deepen relationships with your clients.

Among these services and programs, Growth Coach franchise owners provide guidance on Business Valuation, the “Coaching Club,” DISC Evaluations, and many more areas of daily business operations. In a very real way, The Growth Coach diversity of business coaching solutions places it head and shoulders above the other franchise concepts on the market. Learn more about who The Growth Coach competes with.

No matter where a business is or what its goals are, The Growth Coach can help them succeed much faster.