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The Growth Coach Franchise

What Is The Growth Coach Business Coaching Franchise?

Our business coaching franchises taps into growing demand for coaching and sales training services

The Growth Coach® is an industry-leading business coaching franchise, established in over 150 markets in the United States and abroad. Since our founding in 1992, our coaches have helped thousands of small business owners achieve their personal and professional goals. With 28 million businesses in the United States, the demand for business coaching has grown to a tremendous $11 billion industry. The Growth Coach is ramping up for a rapid nationwide expansion, and is actively seeking entrepreneurs with proven leadership experience to help their small business communities prosper.

Any business owner or manager will confirm: there comes a point in their careers where they ask themselves if they’re running their business or if their business is running them. This is a vital component of the strategic mindset, where the business coach helps everyone find the path to their individual goals. Whether it’s improving morale or achieving a better work-life balance, every business leader can benefit from skilled business coaching. Small business owners can and do get sucked into the day-to-day operation of their enterprises, losing sight of the ultimate goals of setting strategy, shaping the future and pursuing long-term growth and, instead, focusing on daily task management to keep the department, division or business operating at status quo. That’s where The Growth Coach becomes a valuable, vital resource.

Yet, too often, business coaches prove too expensive for the 28 million small- and medium-sized businesses in the United States.1 Contracting a coach to help a business grow or transition can be cost-prohibitive and difficult because traditional business coaches face a major limitation: the number of hours in a day. That’s one of the reasons business coaching is frequently viewed as a “big corporation” perk, per The Growth Coach Brand President Ray Fabik.

“I came from a huge corporation and I had every resource I could possibly want,” Ray says. “I had executive coaching, human resources training, executive seminars, and I could go to anyone I wanted for help. If you’re a small business owner or medium-sized business owner, you don’t have those resources. The Growth Coach is that resource for those businesses.”

The Growth Coach franchise is a business coaching system that eliminates the barriers barring smaller operations from the benefits of coaching through our proprietary coaching system delivered in a group setting where owners, managers and salespeople meet quarterly to work through our effective management, sales and interpersonal coaching programs. By leveraging the power of a diverse group of leaders, managers or sales associates from an array of industries, The Growth Coach builds a resource big corporations have relied on for centuries to develop a strategic mindset, Ray explains.

“Big business pays a lot of money to assemble a good board of directors,” Ray says. Growth Coaches across the country provide a similar sounding board for ideas and encouragement when they put their clients into the group coaching format. “When you get a good, tight Growth Coach group, it’s really going to do the same thing as building that board of directors.”

The attendees work through our proprietary materials, interact in group activities, take part in strategy sessions, and discuss the results of self-assessment surveys. As an attendee identifies deficiencies or areas in which they need improvement, the group forms a support network, providing advice and guidance or a sympathetic ear. These activities have the dual benefits of helping clients improve business performance and optimize work-life balance, creating a lasting and real lifestyle impact.

“When you’re running one of these groups, the individuals start to interact,” Ray says. “A really good Growth Coach is someone who comes in almost like a basketball referee. They oversee the action, make sure there are no fouls and keep everything moving, but the participants are ultimately the focus, and the group members become accountable to one another. Accountability is what makes The Growth Coach different. There is accountability not just to the coach, but to the other members of the group.”

Whether the goal is improving operational efficiencies, growing an effective sales team or simply restoring work-life balance for a time-strapped and overburdened owner, The Growth Coach business coaches provide the guidance and accountability business leaders have been relying on for decades to help them focus on the big picture, so they can run their businesses — not have the business run them.

Group members turn to one another for advice and guidance, and at the same time, accountability. This group support and group accountability are one of the factors that make The Growth Coach business coaches effective, and the relationships forged in the group coaching environment lead to renewed coaching agreements and long-term revenue for The Growth Coach owner.

An affordable franchise opportunity in a booming industry

The first question on the minds of most potential Growth Coach franchise owners is, “Why can’t I do this on my own?” The answer is straightforward.

“You can,” Ray says. “But you’re going to go through fifteen years of trial and error, developing materials from scratch, finding activities and programs that work or — more often — don’t, to find that right balance of what works. We’ve built the system, tested it, refined it, and it’s turn-key. So, the answer to the question ‘Why can’t I?’ is more ‘Why would you?’”

For an initial investment starting at $55,125, you can join our growing network of The Growth Coach franchise owners and begin providing vital and in-demand coaching services to businesses in your community. Our 90-day “Secret to Success” marketing strategy takes you through each step towards grand opening and beyond, helping you lay a solid foundation for a strong launch. Meanwhile, comprehensive training programs and site visits to The Growth Coach group sessions fully prepare you to deliver our cutting-edge coaching program.

The Growth Coach is your opportunity to eliminate years of trial and error, guess work and wasted effort while at the same time achieving the work-life balance you deserve. Because we award protected territories, you won’t be competing for business against other Growth Coaches, and you won’t have to spend time away from home on travel. All the while you’ll be providing a vital service to the business community in your territory in an industry that’s remarkably stable — and growing.