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How The Growth Coach Supports Its Franchisees

The Growth Coach, a 65-unit small-business coaching franchise under the Strategic Franchising Systems umbrella, is emerging as one of the most in-demand and lucrative franchise opportunities in 2022 as more and more business leaders look for assistance following the pandemic. But just because The Growth Coach owners are supporting other entrepreneurs doesn’t mean they don’t have support themselves. The Growth Coach corporate team provides franchisees with training and support on all aspects of the business, from operations to marketing to staffing to coaching.

“We want them to have a business-in-a-box,” The Growth Coach Director of Marketing Josh Johns said. “Franchisees are doing the work but don’t have to worry about developing and creating any of the products. If they have questions, they get direct access to myself and the rest of the support team to build up their business.”

For example, Johns says The Growth Coach franchisees can feel confident that they will have all of the marketing strategies and assets, both digital and traditional, needed to help drive business success.

“The Growth Coach is a marketing company first, a coaching company second,” said Johns. “The marketing support team develops and optimizes your personalized website featuring your unique content and service offerings. The support team develops your social media business pages and provides supplemental posts weekly on franchise owners' behalf. If franchisees come to us and ask us to help them with special projects, we can do that for them. They don’t pay extra.”

But it isn’t just the corporate office support that sets The Growth Coach apart. Perhaps the biggest advantage franchisees have is the robust network of fellow coaches that spend their days helping entrepreneurs thrive.

“A lot of support comes from within the network itself,” said Johns. “Our coaches are not on an island. They have opportunities on a weekly basis to participate in webinars and calls with other franchisees in different regions. We are really about giving them the most support to run their business. If we have a coach that isn’t successful yet, we want them to know that it is in their power to change that. There is no such thing as too much support.”

Rick Franzo, a Growth Coach franchisee in the Poconos, says this strong support network is one of the primary advantages he has come to love since signing on with the coaching franchise in July of 2018.

“Our support is what makes us different from other franchises,” Franzo said. “All of the coaches and the corporate team meet regularly, so when unexpected challenges like the pandemic happen, we can rely on that network for support. The power of the network is fantastic — the coaches are all very actively involved in the network, and the franchisor itself is super supportive. I pick up the phone, and so do they.”

From the moment franchisees sign their agreement with The Growth Coach, Johns says they will have everything they need to build their business. For example, the brand’s Jump Start program is a pre-training process of three to five weeks before franchisees head to Cincinnati for the in-person training.

“In those weeks leading up to in-person training, we help franchisees get the business set up, receive certifications, and get everything ready,” said Johns. “Then, they come to Cincinnati for an intensive training week, which showcases all the specifics on how to be a Growth Coach owner. By the time they leave, they are fully ready to launch the following Monday. Unlike other franchise systems, we don’t charge extra for training. Existing owners can also return to training if they want a refresh.”

Franzo says that ongoing support has been helpful over his four years of ownership. “Anytime I had questions or needed assistance, I got it,” he said. “Whether it be continual training or answers to my questions, I’ve always been set up for success. Now, after four years, I am absolutely crushing it, and business is fantastic.”

Looking ahead, The Growth Coach team is seeking passionate coaches and consultants in markets across the country to join its supportive network of franchise owners. Target markets the brand is currently eying for development include California, Texas and Colorado.

“The Growth Coach wants franchise owners who have a heart for business coaching, a desire to serve, and a willingness to guide business owners, managers, and salespeople to new heights of success,” said Johns. “This is a franchise opportunity that provides a vital service to the business community in your territory, and we have all the support and training in place to ensure you can offer that service.”

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